Kazuo Misaki held a public training session at the GRABAKA gym in Tokyo . Misaki will face Chute Boxe's Daniel Acacio on July 17 th at the Nagoya Rainbow Hall in PRIDE BUSHIDO Volume 8.

Misaki answered reporters' questions after the training session ended. "He's not an opponent that can't be hit. I'll counter his strong punches with my own short punches." Acacio bloodied Takase's face with stomps when they met but Misaki doesn't think that Acacio will get his way this time, "He's not going to be able to take me down and get enough room that easily. Even if it does happen, I'll grab his legs and take him down. If he misses, I'll stand up. If you think you can stomp me, try it.

When Misaki faced another Chute Boxe fighter, Jorge Patino Macaco, in his first BUSHIDO appearance in May of last year, Misaki pressured Macaco with strikes on the ground. Taking a sheet from the Chute Boxe playbook, Misaki spent most of the fight on top, faking guard passes and then stomping, and soccer-ball kicking.

"I'd rather lose by KO or submission than win by a boring fight that ends in a decision. I'm going to stay on him until he is completely out. That's the real proof of strength. I always go into a fight like I'm going in to war," Misaki said, predicting a win by KO. Misaki believes that when you enter the ring, you have to be ready to die, or fight to live.

"I came into this world to be the best. I came into the fighting industry to prove that I'm the strongest. To stand at the top, you've got to stand out the most. I want everyone to watch my fight and say that the 83kg division is more entertaining than the 73kg division.

There are 2 planned Grand Prix scheduled to be held from September for the -73kg and the -83kg divisions. Although Misaki said that he would gladly accept an offer if it came, he has to focus on the fight at hand first. However, Misaki continued, "I fight as a Japanese fighter and I want to show the strength of the Japanese and of myself. So, I want to fight the foreigners that everyone says are strong. There are many strong Japanese fighters though, and I will also have to fight them to become number one."

What does Misaki think about Ryo Chonan, a rising star in the 83kg division? "He's got a lot of heart. His balance is really good, too. He's smart and he's exciting. I'm interested (in fighting him)."

It seems that GRABAKA's recent departure from Pancrase has heightened Misaki's motivation. "GRABAKA has started over again so it's time for me to remake myself. Gono won his last fight so that was the best start to get our team rolling. It was a good start and great motivation for me because Gono is also my rival."

Misaki could end up fighting Gono if they are both in the 83 kg Grand Prix. "He's been the most motivating rival I've ever had in training. Fighting is an individual sport though, so we may face each other. I can't think of the future before my next fight, though. I'm just going to give 100% and beat my opponent down. If I give 100% and it's still a boring fight that ends in decision, my value will drop. Until we do meet up, I want us to be good rivals for each other."

The opponent staring him in the face is Daniel Acacio. If Misaki can't get past Acacio, his future will be dark. Acacio is a tough fighter whom Wanderlei Silva said he had the most confidence in. Misaki, however, plan on countering Acacio's rough style with speed, "I hope he comes in with a lot of muscle. If so, he won't be able to keep up with my speed. If he's a big guy, he won't have any stamina, either. My best weapon is speed."

The fight will likely be determined by the fighter than can gain the upper hand in ground striking. Will Misaki be able to show the pride and strength of the Japanese? Or, will he become just one more Japanese fighter to fall before Chute Boxe?