Ikuhisa Minowa held a public training session on July 11 before his upcoming bout against Kimo in the July 17th PRIDE BUSHIDO Vol. 8, to be held in Nagoya.

Today's training session was held halfway up a mountain with a beautiful, expansive view. The reporters and camera men were covered in sweat as they climbed the mountain road, only to find a half-dressed Minowa silently doing squats over-and-over. He said that he had already done 500 squats. Even when he was stung by mosquitoes, Minowa never stopped doing squats.

"I can't stop", Minowa said as he continued to do squats. Thanks to staff requests, Minowa agreed to stop doing squats once he reached 700 but as soon he stopped, he said, "Now, I'll run", and started running up a mountain road. Minowa, in his own world, was completely oblivious of the camera men trying to catch up to him as he went deeper in the mountain forest. When the camera men emerged in to a clearing, they found Minowa shadowing box and as soon as he finished that, he began running at top-speed down the road he had just came from. Returning to the original gathering point, Minowa began shadowing boxing and tackling practice, using a tree as his sparring partner. Then Minowa began training his ground striking, covering himself in mud. Picking up a branch in his right hand, he then began working on his right hand straight technique.

Minowa's world continued to get more interesting in his post-fight interview. "There's a limit to what you can do in the gym. I feel free whenever I come to this kind of natural area where there is nothing and I can do whatever I like. It's not all training. Sometimes I meditate and sometimes I do nothing. It's like I'm going back to my roots," Minowa explained his outdoor training philosophy. "Recently I've been thinking about world peace and the freedom in world peace. Freedom is natural and to fight freely, you must have nature and a natural body. You can't get that in the city, though. There, it's computers. Here, it's nature. Computers are man-made but nature is not man-made. Humans were in natural originally and nature gives unlimited power. I will definitely be able to use this natural training in the future."

"When you enter nature in the beginning, nature will attack. If you stay in nature though, nature becomes your friend. Or, you can become part of nature. Just being here will improve your condition," Minowa continued, striving hard to explain his feelings.

Minowa's theme for this event is "hot wind". "If it's just hot, it's just an ordinary summer. "hot wind" is the heat of excitement. I think the fans come to see my pro-wrestling so they can gain something. I want to put excitement in my fights and I also want to feel excitement from my fights."

Minowa's training partners are Yasuhito Namekawa, another self-proclaimed "real pro-wrestler" and Daijiro Matsui. In recent fights, Namekawa lost and Matsui drew his opponent. It was tough for Minowa, who had declared that real pro-wrestlers would win all 3 fights. "Personally, I'm really sad (about Namekawa and Matsui's fights). But, real pro-wrestlers have to use that to think about what real pro-wrestling is. I lost my last fight too, and now I'm thinking about it."