A portion of the PRIDE Grand Prix 2005 Semi-Final Round card, to be held on August 28th at the Saitama Super Arena, was announced at PRIDE BUSHIDO 8 on July 17th at the Nagoya Rainbow Hall.


Wanderlei Silva (Brazil/Chute Boxe)
Ricardo Arona (Brazil/Brazilian Top Team)

Mauricio Shogun (Brazil/Chute Boxe)
Alistair Overeem (Holland/Golden Glory)

Fighter Comments

Wanderlei Silva

I requested to fight Alistair Overeem after my Second Round fight in June because I thought a fight with him, two fighting styles centered on striking, would be incredibly thrilling. However, I heard that the results of the questionnaire distributed to the fans said that they wanted to see a fight between Arona and me the most. I've also heard that the Japanese fans want to see me get revenge for Sakuraba. As Sakuraba always says, the most important thing to me is fighting to make the fans happy. We at Chute Boxe have great respect for Sakuraba and that's why I'm going to teach Arona what a truly professional fight is. I'm sure it will end the same as my fight with Quinton. I believe that I'll have to fight Shogun in the Final Round and I will give everything I have to knock him out. I'll show you a real Chute Boxe fight. Please support me.

Ricardo Arona

I'm excited that I will finally be able to fight Wanderlei. Wanderlei has been avoiding a fight with me but he can't run away now. Rogerio lost to Chute Boxe in June. After preparing perfectly with the Brazilian Top Team, I'm going to expose and break him. I'm a tiger and the time has come for me to eat the Champion. I will be the Champion in August.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

I thought that I would be fighting Arona and I was ready to win by KO but I'm happy that I will fight Alistair. He's a striker like me and I think we will be able to show an incredibly exciting fight. A lot of attention is being paid to him as a newcomer, also like me. He can grapple too, not just strike. I want to prove, in front of the fans, who is the best newcomer and this tournament is the appropriate place to do it. Then, I will probably have to fight Wanderlei in the Final Round. I have a lot of respect for Wanderlei but I won't hold back. That is Chute Boxe's style. I want to win. I will give the fans a great fight so please support me.

Alistair Overeem

I'm so happy that my fight with Shogun has been decided because I have wanted to fight him for a long time. Both of us are technically strong and are good at striking so I think it will be an amazing fight. The winners of this Grand Prix will be all of the fans.