In the afternoon of August 24th, Tank Abbot arrived in Japan to make his long-awaited debut in PRIDE. Soon after arriving at his Tokyo hotel, Tank was swarmed by reporters. Maybe it was jet lag or maybe Tank has just grown up but his comments about fighting Yoshida were surprisingly calm.

Tank started the interview off in normal fashion, "Yoshida is a tough, talented fighter. He's a good opponent for me to beat down." The reporters thought that Tank would be his old self but his responses became very calm and careful. "I don't have a strategy. I'm just going to watch how Yoshida moves and fight to win. I saw a video of his fight with Gardner and I thought it was incredible that he traded with Gardner, not backing down from Gardner's pressure."
Tank may feel that he has little to worry about or he may be trying to trick Yoshida into not taking him seriously. He had some compliments for Yoshida as well. "Yoshida's judo techniques are really good. I have to be careful of that but it's not going to be a judo match. Yoshida hired Silva's former coach? I don't think anything about it, one way or the other. If he wants to knee, let him. I think he'd be better off using judo techniques. I won't have any problems, no matter what kind of fight it turns into. I want to KO him but if it goes to the decision, so be it."
Tank smirked when he heard that Yoshida said he would brawl the brawler. "Every fights in MMA using their backbone. I've fought using my backbone of street fighting. I think this will be a good street fight because no matter how wild I get in the PRIDE ring, I won't go to jail. If Yoshida comes with a street fight, the fight will be over in an instant."
"Yoshida's judo gi is a weapon for him. I'll be careful of it but I'm not worried about it. Maybe I'll wear a gi, too. (laughing) Yoshida said he's going to stomp my face? He can't make me any uglier than I am now!"
Tank was scheduled too fight in PRIDE Vol. 1 but he was injured and he couldn't come to Japan. The fans have been waiting and waiting for him since his time in the UFC and Tank himself has apparently been waiting on his chance to fight in PRIDE. "I'm glad I can fight. The time has finally come. I even happier that I can fight a fought opponent like Yoshida."
Just when we thought Tank might go after the top heavyweights next, he doesn't seem to be thinking about the future, "I may be dead the day after (the fight) or I may be in jail. I don't even know what's going to happen tomorrow, much less the future. I'm going to make Yoshida lose completely and then I just want to drink a beer when the fight is over."
Tank has an elephant tattoo on the calf of his left leg. Tank laughed and explained that he got it because it's the strongest in the jungle and bigger than him. In the jungle of the PRIDE ring, the giant elephant Tank plans on stomping Yoshida.