Finally, the PRIDE Grand Prix 2005 Final Round will arrive at the Saitama Super Arena on August 28th. Who will stand at the top of the original 16 fighters? Wanderlei Silva and Ricardo Arona sent us messages full of confidence and we received an extreme declaration from Fujimar, head of Chute Boxe.

Ricardo Arona's Comments
I'm training really hard right now so I can give a good fight for the fans. My condition is very good. I'm already prepared to become the new Middleweight Champion. I will be the one that wins the Grand Prix. I know how Wanderlei fights very well. He's a dangerous fighter but I will win, whether we are standing or on the ground.

Thank you all for your support and Wanderlei, get ready!!!

Wanderlei Silva's Comments
I'm doing my usual training in Curtiba now and I'm in perfect condition. I will step up my training from now until the fight. Chute Boxe has been training with the (Brazilian) national boxing team's coach since the beginning of August. We didn't start this because of the Arona fight in particular. Chute Boxe is always evolving and bringing in new methods to have the best training possible. I'm train with Shogun but recently we have been training separately because we will probably face each other in the Final Round. I believe that we two Chute Boxe fighters will destroy the semi-finals and fight in the Final Round. Then, I will win and once again prove to the fans that I am the Middleweight Champion. I want many fans to come and watch the fights on August 28th. I hope that the fans that cannot come to the vent will watch the fights on pay-per-view. I will be aggressive and I need your support.

Fujimar's Comments
I am giving a declaration to the fans. Wanderlei will knock out Arona in the 1st Round. Shogun will win, of course, and it will be Wanderlei and Shogun in the Final Round. These two will represent Chute Boxe and give a fight that we can be proud of anywhere in the world.