Kazushi Sakuraba held a press conference at Tokyo's Narita International Airport as he headed off on his journey to Brazil, to train at Chute Boxe Academy.

It's been approximately two months since his loss to Arona and now Kazushi Sakuraba has restarted his training in earnest. Sakuraba has always resisted training at other places because "moving around is annoying" but this time Sakuraba's enthusiasm will bring him to the home of Chute Boxe Academy for special training.
Asked why he decided to take on this Brazilian training, Sakuraba replied, "I just want to be on TV." Asked why he specifically chose Chute Boxe out of all the available gyms, Sakuraba smiled and answered, "Because I like Mr. Fujimar (head of Chute Boxe Academy.) When I see him backstage, he is always concerned about the fighters and I like him as a person." Sakuraba continued jokingly, "I don't know how much I'm going to train. It's winter in Brazil now so the cool weather should be perfect. If I'm going to compete in Brazil, it'll be in a sports day competition (like in elementary schools, etc.)" There are many top Middleweight fighters in Chute Boxe that Sakuraba has fought before, including Mauricio Shogun and Sakuraba's rival, Wanderlei Silva. Although it's possible Sakuraba may have to fight some of his soon-to-be training partners in the future, Sakuraba easily side-stepped the issue, "If I'm told to, I'll train with anyone. Anyway, I may be back in Japan soon to be Silva or Shogun's corner man (in the August 28th Grand Prix Final Round.) (laughing)" The press conference was held immediately before Sakuraba left for Brazil and Sakuraba was unusually frank in his comments. It turns out that Sakuraba is actually going to train in Brazil because of his own desires, "I wasn't told to do it by anyone. I wanted to do it myself. My suggestion turned into something bigger." Sakuraba also revealed that he would be training to overcome the power difference that hurt him so much in his last fight with Arona, "I will train with big guys there. I hope to return home with a lot of muscle." Sakuraba also said that he hopes to fight again in October, depending on his condition at the time. And with that, the IQ wrestler headed to Brazil to begin his return to the ring.