A press conference with Fedor Emelianenko, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Ricardo Arona was held in a Tokyo hotel, on August 29 th , a day after the PRIDE Grand Prix 2005 Final Round event.

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F edor arrived at the press conference full of smiles. His face however, covered with abrasions and a swollen, black left eye, told the story of how tough his battle with Mirko Filipovic on the previous night had been. Shogun's left eye was also swollen but Arona's face was in surprisingly good shape.
N obuhiko Takada, PRIDE General Director, began the conference, "When I saw the fights yesterday, I thought that this is a compilation of fighting. The word compilation has a strong image of finality but I think for both fighters and event staff, fights are compilations on top of compilations. I think, as Arona said, this was a compilation that included the most important day of their lives, the day that they must fight."
Mauricio Rua: "I think I have grown, as a fighter, as a result of being in the Grand Prix. I feel happy because I was able to fight a tough fight. I would like to thank all the fans now that I have become the Champion."
Ricardo Arona: "Yesterday was an incredible event. My fight with Wanderlei had a lot of meaning for me. I've wanted to fight Wanderlei for a long time and I'm happy that I was able to win. I would also like to say congratulations to Shogun. Next time, if there is another opportunity, I'd like to fight him one more time when we are both at 100%. I hit my head on the mat immediately after the fight started in the final round and it's unfortunate that I wasn't able to fight a good fight. If I can get another chance, I want to fight at 100%. If I have the chance to fight Wanderlei in a title match, I will give a good fight."
Fedor Emelianenko: "Konnichiwa. I'm very glad that yesterday's fight was a high-level fight. I had a good impression of it and I think the fans were also satisfied. I'm happy that I was able to fight someone as strong as Mirko. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to give 100% because of the injury in my right hand."
Pride Fighting Championships : Fedor, your eye looks swollen. Do you have any other injuries?
Emelianenko: (The area around) my eye is bruised but it will be fine. I plan on having surgery on my right hand after this. The doctor said we will have to see how it looks 3 months after the surgery. I pray that this injury won't affect the next fight any more than it has now.
Pride: You said earlier that Mirko is "interesting." What did you feel was interesting about him?
Emelianenko: Mirko said a lot of things about me before the fight that hurt me and that's why I decided to fight. Mirko is excellent at muay thai so I think he is an interesting and strong fighter.
Pride: What did you say to your wife?
Emelianenko: Before the fight I said I love you and that everything will be fine. (embarrassed laughter) After the fight she said that she's glad I won without incident and I said everything went well.
Pride: What did you do after the fight?
Emelianenko: I went to a bar with my team members and we just sat down, relaxed and rested.
Pride: Do you have any plans to go to Korea? Also, your expression never changes in the fight. Are you always like that?
Emelianenko: I'd love to go if I have the opportunity. I've never been to Korea and I'm interested in it. I'd like to fight in front of the Korean PRIDE fans. My expression doesn't change during the fight because I'm concentrating. I'm usually relaxed and laughing.
Pride: Shogun, there were a lot of fans expecting a Chute Boxe match-up yesterday. Will you fight Silva in the future?
Rua: I wanted to fight my teammate Silva in the final round yesterday but unfortunately, it didn't happen. Now Chute Boxe has both the Middleweight Champion and the Middleweight Grand Prix Champion so I don't intend on fighting Silva in a title match.