On the day after the PRIDE Grand Prix 2005 Final Round, Fedor Emelianenko, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Ricardo Arona spoke to the gathered press at a Tokyo hotel.




Pride Fighting Championships : Johan Vos was working your corner yesterday. Were you training at the Vos Gym?
Emelianenko: Yes. I trained at Vos Gym and Lucien Carbin's gym.
Pride: Did you train with Ernesto Hoost?
Emelianenko: His foot was injuries so we couldn't train together. After he watched me train, he told me that I would win and he gave me advice, though.
Pride: Before the fight, you said that Mirko is the #5 heavyweight, after yourself, Nogueira, Alexander and Kharitonov. Has that changed now that you have fought Mirko?
Emelianenko: Kharitonov isn't #4. If you take out Kharitonov, Alexander is in the top 4. Mirko is strong so he's one of the top 5. I think he's one of the top-class fighters in the world.
Pride: Will you be able to fight in the New Year's Eve show if you have surgery?
Emelianenko: I definitely want to fight at the end of the year.
Pride: You said that you want to fight Rulon Gardner next. Has that changed?
Emelianenko: No, I still want to fight Gardner.
Pride: The names of Kharitonov, Nogueira and Mark Hunt have been mentioned as possibilities to be the next challenger (for the Championship). Who would you choose among them?
Emelianenko: I'm not going to choose. I want PRIDE to choose.
Pride: How will you use the fight money?
Emelianenko: I haven't received the money yet so I haven't thought about it. I'll probably take a vacation. Then, I'll give everyone presents.
Pride: You said that you wanted to buy your mother a house.
Emelianenko: Yes, I want to buy one for her. I told my mother to choose a place that she likes soon.
Pride: Will you continue to train in Holland?
Emelianenko: Of course, I do. Absolutely.
Pride: Will you have surgery on your fist this month?
Emelianenko: I'm not sure. I will decide after I consult with a doctor. I want to heal it and begin training as fast as possible.
Pride: What percent of power was in your right punches yesterday?
Emelianenko: I tried to not think about my fist during the match and punch at 100% but it was still in the back of my mind. It was a hindrance to my training more than the match itself.
Pride: What kind of training did you do in Holland?
Emelianenko: Mostly muay thai.
Pride: What will be your next goal?
Emelianenko: Not to lose. I pray that I will always win and not get injured.
Pride: Any damage?
Emelianenko: I have a lot of abrasions but they're nothing serious. I'm still jet-lagged and I couldn't sleep yesterday.
M auricio "Shogun" Rua
Pride: Have you spoken to Silva?
Rua: We spoke after the fight. He told me he was happy and that made me happy. I wanted to avenge him in my match with Arona.
Pride: How about your brother, "Ninja"
Rua: My brother is very important to me. He said a lot of things to me after the fight like, "congratulations" and "you did a good job."
Pride: Why do you think Silva lost?
Rua: Arona was stalling in that fight. Not just that, though. It wasn't Silva's day. He said he couldn't use all of his power. I believe he will train hard and give a good fight the next time.
Pride: You just said that you don't want to fight Silva. How about if the fans wanted it?
Rua: He's my teammate so if possible, I don't want to fight him but if the fight is put together, I will do as Fujimar and the promoters say.
Pride: Everyone is going to be after you now.
Rua: I'm so happy right now. I just want to train and keep having great fights. I think I will have to fight a lot of different fighters from now on and I want to win those fights, too.
Pride: How did you get the nickname Shogun?
Rua: My friends gave it to me. They started calling me that 6 years ago and it stuck. My brother was called Ninja so they thought of a Japanese name for me. I was wearing a Shogun-brand gi at the time so that's why they called me Shogun.
Pride: Why was your brother called Ninja?
Rua: Honestly, I don't remember. We've called my brother Ninja since we were kids. From what I've heard, Chute Boxe Japan's coach gave him the nickname. We didn't think we would be able to fight in Japan at the time, so it turned out to be a great nickname. I want to fight like a Shogun should.
Pride: Who do you want to fight next?
Rua: I want to fight on New Year's Eve. I'm not in a position to choose so I will fight anyone.
Pride: Was it a shock to see Silva lose?
Rua: It was before my fight so I didn't really watch it, but it was a shock. I tried not to think about it when I fought, though.
Pride: Did you want to avenge him?
Rua: Of course. I wanted to avenge him and fight for Chute Boxe.
Pride: Your grappling was good. Were you confident?
Rua: I started doing jiu-jitsu when I was 16 and I've been in many competitions. I train in jiu-jitsu the same way I train in muay thai and I think that was the result.
Pride: What is your belt color in jiu-jitsu?
Rua: I got my black belt yesterday from Nino Schembri.
Pride: Did you train specifically for Arona's holds?
Rua: I had to think about Alistair, whom I fought first, before I thought about Arona, so I really hadn't thought about Arona. I was only thinking about how to fight Alistair. I just decided to do whatever was natural in my fight with Arona.
< a href="/pride2005/index.php?mainpage=fighters&fID=40">Ricardo Arona
Pride: Now that you've fought Silva, have you gotten rid of your hatred for him?
Arona: I think he's a great warrior and a great Champion. I just wanted to teach him that he should be kind and have respect for other fighters.
Pride: Why did you have an Israeli flag when you came out to fight?
Arona: I'm religious and it was an expression of that. It was Paulo Filho's idea. I'm Christian.
Pride: Do you want to have a rematch with Silva for the Middleweight Championship?
Arona: Of course. That's the most important thing.
Pride: When is your next fight?
Arona: It hasn't been definitely decided yet but it's important that I fight Silva in a title match for the Middleweight Championship first. Then, a rematch with Shogun. The fight with Silva was tough and I hit my head in the 1 st minute of the Final Round, which hurt me. I want to fight Shogun when I'm not like that.
Pride: When did you hit your head?
Arona: I tried to take Shogun down in the first minute of the fight. I grabbed his legs and tried to take him down to the mat but I went down first and Shogun came down on top of me, sandwiching me. I lost control (of the fight) then. My fight was over at that point. When regained my senses, I was surprised because he had my right arm in an omo-plata.
Pride: Where do you think Shogun is strong?
Arona: As I just said, the fight ended when he was came down on top of me. Shogun was moving around wildly after that. I couldn't control the fight when I hit my head during the takedown.