. Q. How do you feel about being called the "American Athlete" I am really looking forward to your performance in the Welterweight Division. Good luck! (Age 25 F)
D.H.: I feel honored to be called "the American Athlete". It seems to be only my nickname in Japan.
Q . Hi I'm very excited about your entry in the Welterweight GP! I really liked your entrance song in the 1 st round of the MWGP. Can you tell me the artist and the name of the song? Good luck at GP!(age20 M)
D.H.: That song was something that the Dreamstage staff picked out. I am not sure about the artist or the song name. You could contact Pride about it.
Q . You always wear a hat during your entrance to the fight. Is there any meaning to it? Go for the championship!!(age 22 M)
D.H.: I like to wear a hat during my entrance to help keep the bright lights out of my eyes.
Q . What do you do when you are not practicing? (Age 19 M)
D.H.: When I am not training I usually do some work around my house, go horseback riding, or go hunting.
Q . What do you think would be your profession if you didn't become a fighter?(age 29 M)
D.H.: I would probably be coaching wrestling if I wasn't fighting.
Q . What did you like to do or play when you were a little kid?(age 14 M)
D.H.: I grew up with horses and a swimming pool when I was a kid, so I played in the pool all the time and rode horses. I also enjoyed going to the beach.
Q . What does your teammate Randy Couture mean to you? Can you tell us any of Randy's weak point that only you would know?(age 25 M)
D.H.: Randy and I have been training together for about 14 years. He is a good friend and a good fighter. I sure I know a few of Randy's weaknesses, but you would have to ask him what they are.
Q . I'm sure that you get sick and tired of training everyday. Is there anything that you do for a change to bring back you concentration and motivation when you don't feel like practicing?(age 30 M)
D.H.: I try to do a lot of outdoor cross-training, like mountain biking, sprints and boxing drills. Training outside helps breakup the monotony of always training indoors.
Q . I'm over 30 and I started wrestling, but my cardio and muscles won't hold up. What kind of training should I do?(age 33 M)
D.H.: You could try to do more drilling on techniques rather that hard wrestling. Just know that I have been wrestling since I was 5yrs old and my body has always had aches and pains, you just learn to live with them.
Q . I love your fighting style. What are some of the things you keep in mind before a fight? Please win the Bushido tournament! I will be cheering for you!(age 28 F)
D.H.: Before a fight I try to stay focused on executing my game plan.
Q . I have been a big fan since I first saw you fight. I love how you are always aggressive, and your never give up attitude is very cool. I will always support you! (I was real shocked and sad to see you lose against Rogerio.) Anyways you seem like a strong spirited fighter in the ring but, a gentleman at the interviews. During your fights, do you get mad at your opponent? What are your feelings toward your opponents during the fights?(age 36 F)
D.H.: Thank you for always supporting me! And I was very disappointed in myself when I lost to Rogerio. I never have been mad at an opponent before during or after a fight, it is a sport to me and I don't take things personal.
Q . Who is your biggest threat in the Bushido GP (many fans)
D.H.: Well my biggest threat is always the opponent across from me in the ring. Chonan is my first opponent and a tough fighter that I won't be taking lightly. After I get by him I will be focused on each of my opponents.