Takanori Gomi held a public training session on September 13th at the Kiguchi Workout Studio, in advance of his fight in the BUSHIDO 9 "The Lightweight Tournament 2005 First Round" on September 25th, to be held at the Ariake Coliseum. Gomi explained that he's been training at a karate dojo and will KO his opponent with a kick.

"I'm not injured and I'm in great shape," Gomi said quietly. "I don't think it's about who's strong or weak.I think whoever can pull BUSHIDO along, whoever understands the times, will win."Gomi told the assembled reporters several times that he's "not thinking about [the fight] very hard" and he seems to be completely concentrated on the fight.Whoever should win, will win.Gomi doesn't believe in luck.It's a battle of real abilities and whoever is the strongest, will win.

In the First Round, Gomi will face a tough challenger, and a strong candidate to win the tournament, Tatsuya Kawajiri."There's no difference between foreigners and Japanese," Gomi said, unmoved."I think my block may be the least explosive.I will fight as I always do, no matter who my opponent is.I don't choose my opponents, after all."

Although all of the fighters are after Gomi, he says that he's only focused on his First Round fight with Kawajiri, "I don't care.I don't have to fight all seven of them.I'm just thinking of my block on the 25th, because there'll only be one person from the other block left on New Year's Eve.Mushinjuku's (Takehiro) Kato [5th Kyokushin World Champion, New Kyokushin Heavyweight Champion] has been giving me advice.It's the same as a karate tournament.He said there's no need to think about the 2nd fight.If you think about it, nothing good will come of it."

"I think I should just concentrate on the fight with Kawajiri and once I get past that, I can think about Kotani and Azeredo. I've fought Azeredo before and I've watched a little of Kotani's fights on video. I haven't really done any research. There's nothing to research about Kawajiri, either.It's going to be a head-on battle, and I won't lose in strength, or time in training or in heart."

Of course, Gomi is still confident that he is the one that has brought BUSHIDO this far, "Just before I climb in the ring, I use the feeling that I have brought [BUSHIDO] along and turn it into a feeling of destroying my opponent."

For that reason, Gomi has been training in a traditional Japanese martial art, karate.As mentioned earlier, Gomi is training under Kato, a former Kyokushin Champion.

"He taught me about fighting and about how to prepare your mind in day-to-day life.I started learning from him before my fight with Azeredo in May. Originally, we were sparring and doing MMA techniques but then I began to train in karate once a week from May.I've been boxing