The party was held on the Neva River, aboard a luxurious boat owned by the Red Devil team owner, Vadim. In front of the boat was a spectacular view of The State Hermitage Museum.

The boat party had a Japanese them with waiters dressed in kimono, scrolls hung on the wall bearing Japanese script, performances by Japanese drummers brought in from Japan, etc. "I've had many different types of parties on this boat," Vadim said. "However, I was able to invite Mr. Sakakibara this time, so I decided on a 'JAPAN NIGHT' theme. About 1,000 people have come." Invited guests started pouring in when the party began at 9pm, just as Vadim had said.

The Emelianenko brothers Fedor and Alexander particularly stood out at the party. Once they boarded the boat, many guests and local television crews surrounded them.

TVs onboard played the fights of Red Devil members, including Fedor's, and cheers and clapping would erupt from the guests whenever there was a Red Devil victory. Fedor's expression was relaxed the entire night as he watched many events, including a Japanese "taiko" drum performance, and was presented with a Japanese sword.

"I'm very grateful that everyone came to Russia, including Mr. Sakakibara. This is a very nice season," Fedor said after he and his brother Alexander pushed through the crowd to get to Mr. Sakakibara. "Mr. Sakakibara. Alexander and I are going to show you great fights in the PRIDE ring on New Year's Eve. I will be prepared to fight like a Champion should."

Fedor, the undisputed Heavyweight Champion, continued, laying out his future plans now that he has defeated Mirko (Filipovic), "If I'm in good health, I'd like to enter the Sambo World Championships in the Czech Republic. I was able to win the Russian preliminaries even though I could only use my right hand. After that, I will go to southern Russia to do intensive training for the New Year's Eve event. I will do my preparation for the New Year's Eve fight in Kislovodsk, where I always hold my training camps. I hope that both Alexander and I will both be able to fight in the New Year's Eve event."