Josh Barnett arrived at Narita Airport on the afternoon of October 19 th . After 1 year away, this will be his comeback match in PRIDE and his opponent will be Mirko Filipovic, the same opponent he lost to by accident a year ago. Josh laughed as he held a sign on which his catchphrase in Japanese was written: 'Omae ha mou shindeiru." Translated: "You are already dead."

"I'm in perfect condition and I've got more power than before. There won't be any losing by accident this time."

Josh's expression as he replied to the reporters' questions with a smile said that he is ready to go. The regret he's had to keep inside of him over the past year will all be channeled into this match.

About his injury in the last fight, Barnett said, "It was a dislocated shoulder and a severed ligament. The doctor for the Seattle Mariners operated on me though, and it's better than before. I'm complexly healed. No problems at all. I've training with all my friends in Seattle, like coach Matt Hume, Hayato "Mach" Sakurai and Akira Shoji." He also said that he is now at high best weight, 120kg.

"He hasn't changed at all in the past year," he replied when asked about his opponent, Mirko Filipovic. "He has the same fighting style. He looks like he has learned new techniques but his weak points haven't changed." Barnett continued, predicting that he'd use pro-wrestling moves, "I'd like to finish him with a German Suplex or the Nagata Rock II. I don't just want to win. I think my fight with Mirko is a place to show myself off. Fedor and Mirko was a close fight but I plan on beating Mirko until there is no doubt who is the winner. Then I want the fans to know that I am strong."

Barnett is already looking past the fight with Mirko. "There are a lot of things I want to do this year and next year. I've had a long career and done a lot of things but there are still some things missing; taking the PRIDE belt from Fedor and defending the Pancrase Open-Weight Championship belt." He already has his eyes on Fedor's belt and if he can convincingly beat Mirko this time, it's possible he'd get a shot at a title match on the New Year's Eve event.

"I've been training better than Mirko. Mach is faster than Mirko and more technical. Bob Sapp has more power. I've been training with those guys so there's no reason for me to lose. I want to settle it this time."

There are many people that believe the layout of the Heavyweight division would be completely different if Josh hadn't had that accident in the last fight. Josh, the last giant among the Heavyweights, has been sharpening his horns for a year, burning for revenge, and will charge at Mirko on October 23 rd at Saitama Super Arena!