Ken Shamrock, a legend in the American MMA world, appeared at Tokyo's Narita Airport at dusk on October 19 th . Although quiet, Shamrock was excited about his first fight with Kazushi Sakuraba at PRIDE 30 FULLY LOADED, to be held at Saitama Super Arena on October 23 rd

Shamrock, proud of his long career fighting since the beginning of the UFC, said, "I'm tired from the long plane flight but I'm in perfect condition." Shamrock looks to be in great shape, with a body like a Grecian statue.

"I accepted this offer because I heard that I would be able to fight Sakuraba, who is famous in both Japan and America, and I thought that we could have a great fight. When I received the offer, I thought this is a dream match. I'm also a famous fighter in Japan and America, so I think our fight will be an epic battle."

Shamrock said that he couldn't wait for the match. Asked about his impression of Sakuraba, he humbly applauded Sakuraba's abilities, "His moves are tricky but he's got a lot of skill. He can fight on the ground whether he's on top or bottom. He strikes are fight and he can do high and low kicks. I'm going to fight him like I am the challenger." "Sakuraba trained at Chute Boxe, right?" Shamrock continued, seemingly unworried, "That's great. His kicks are good and quick but his punches are wild. It'll probably be a good fight if he has some technique in his punches. I'm looking forward to fighting Sakuraba now that he has improved his striking techniques."

Shamrock's confidence comes from the punching and ground skill he has built up in real fights over his long, full career. Although he was a submission fighter before, he has developed fierce punches over the past few years and is probably looking forward to the possibility of having a striking battle with Sakuraba.

"I just want everyone to see a great fight. Of course I want to win but more than that, I want to give the fans a good fight." When asked about whether the fans would like to have seen this match earlier, Shamrock replied, "Probably so but there was never an opportunity. Actually, I think this is a good time for it, though." Shamrock seemed like he had no worries until the end, sent a message in Japanese to Sakuraba: "Give it all you've got."