Quinton "Rampage" Jackson arrived at Narita Airport in the afternoon of October 19 th and greeted the gathered press with a smiling face.

"My condition is very good. Thanks to God, I don't have any problems," Jackson said. Despite losing to Shogun in the First Round of the Middleweight Grand Prix, he doesn't seem like he's shocked at all from falling from the top Middleweight contender spot. "I took a rest after the last fight was over and was in some movies. I started training again about 2 months ago."

There has been a big change in his training environment. After leaving Team Oyama, Jackson formed a new team called God's Street Soldier.

"God was cheering for me in the last fight and I trained as hard as I could. I was thinking about why I didn't win, despite that, and when I looked at the video, I realized that my coach was throwing some hard words at me. I thought this is not a good environment. I've got a good coach now and everyone around me is good. Of course, I still really like my old teammates, even now. I was in Team Punishment before so this isn't that unusual. I've got a good coach, I'm training well and I'll give a good fight. That's all."

Rampage confidently continued, saying that he has been sparring with former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz in preparation for this comeback fight. "I've had some good training. Even at my new team, the training is knock down or be knocked down. I was able to do some really good training."

Asked about his opponent, Hirotaka Yokoi, Rampage's did something rare. Rather than making fun of his opponent, he admitted that Yokoi is a formidable opponent, "He has a tough image and he's fought tough opponents in PRIDE. He's a Heavyweight fighter coming down a class so I think this will be a tough fight."

"Yokoi has jujitsu skills," Rampage continued. "But, I will just fight my own fight. I've got a new coach but I'm going to give the fans the same great fights that I always have. If you want to know more details, check out my homepage." (laughing)

Jackson was originally just a power fighter but he showed amazing progress and skill after he joined Team Oyama. We don't know what kind of person his new coach is but there's a good chance that Jackson will show us amazing progress once again this time.

There have also been big changes in his personal life. Jackson has found a new motivation now that his second child was born last month by his fiancée.

When Jackson heard that Yokoi had participated in a barbed wire pro-wrestling "death match" before this fight, he said, "Pro-wrestling is pro-wrestling. It's not important. If I get paid, I'll fight in a barbed wire death match or electric explosion match or fight an alligator or an eagle or an ant or reptiles. I was poor before I began fighting in PRIDE and I'm grateful to PRIDE. I work for my children!"