Rei Zulu, the legendary fighter who gave Rickson Gracie his toughest fight, arrived at Narita Airport on afternoon of October 20th with his son, also named Zulu. Other travelers became wide eyed when they saw the mammoth bodies of the father and son.

Rei Zulu has fought Rickson Gracie twice, forcing Rickson to say that he is the scariest fighter he's ever fought. The elder Zulu is now over 50 and still continued to fight "to escape from poverty." Even past 50, he has come to Japan to fight Enson Inoue.

The son of the legendary Zulu, also named Zulu, will face Henry "Sentoryu" Miller in the upcoming October 23rd PRIDE 30 FULLY LOADED at Saitama Super Arena. "For a legendary family like ours, we are extremely happy that I can fight in PRIDE," the younger Zulu sincerely commented. Zulu wasn't able to hide his excitement over fighting in PRIDE and attributed his recent, and sudden, appearances in the media to "a big interview in a Brazilian magazine called 'TATAMI'. I received a lot of offers after that."

Even so, he didn't come to Japan for a vacation. "My goal for fighting in PRIDE is the belt. I want to beat a lot of fighters and win belts, just like my great father. That's right. My goal is Fedor's belt," Zulu said, already looking forward to the Heavyweight Grand Prix planned for next year.
"I've fought in 36 MMA fights and won all of them by KO. Our style is a Brazilian MMA called Atacaha in northern Brazil. It's a fighting style with a lot of styles incorporated into it, including jujitsu. I've won all my fights by KO but I can also do chokes and leg-locks. My best technique is the arm-lock, though," Zulu said.

"We've incorporated boxing and muay thai into our style. Many of my KO wins were from jabs and straights." In short, most of his opponents were knocked down with pure power. When a 6'6" man, weighing 370lb, comes at you, there's not much you can do to stop him.

However, Zulu's strength doesn't just lie in striking. According to Zulu, he has reached a high level in jujitsu, too, "I've began training jujitsu more than 8 years ago. I have a black belt. I teach jujitsu in many areas now, including my hometown."

His father Rei Zulu is full of energy despite his age. "I'm still fighting in Brazil and my condition is good. I think I can still be active." Ray continued, "I'm looking forward to my son's future. I'm very happy that PRIDE called for him."

"I don't know anything about my opponent except his name," the younger Zulu said. "I will be the winner, though. That's why I have been training after all."