A press conference was held on November 14 th in a Tokyo hotel to announce the "fight of the century" between Hidehiko Yoshida and Naoya Ogawa at the December 31 st PRIDE 2005 Shockwave , to be held at Saitama Super Arena.

Announced Card

Hidehiko Yoshida (Japan/Yoshida Dojo)
Naoya Ogawa (Japan/Ogawa Dojo)

Both fighters have impressive judo records and are superstars in Japan, making this "fight of the century" perfect for the New Year's Eve show.

Yoshida won the Gold Medal in the 78kg division and Ogawa won the Silver Medal in the open-weight division of the Barcelona. These two fighters fought each other in the semi-finals of the All-Japan Judo Championships, held at the Nihon Budokan on April 29, 1994. Yoshida fought hard, attacking the heavyweight Ogawa, with both fighters staring-each other down, and winning the decision. The scene of Ogawa's shock at his loss is a famous one in Japan. This match is considered to be the most exciting match ever in the history of the All-Japan Championships and is the one most often talked about when referring to Yoshida's judo days.

Since then, one of them has pursued pro-wrestling and one mixed martial arts but fate will bring them together once again in the PRIDE ring.

Their bodies and skills are completely different from when they were competing in judo. This is a revenge match for Ogawa though, and Yoshida is proud that he has been competing in PRIDE. There is a lot of risk for both fighters and neither is willing to lose. The final big event of this year may turn out to be the greatest even of the year, too.

*Press conference details will be posted on this site soon.