A special event was held at the main GAMERS store in Akihabara, Tokyo on November 25 th , the night before the release of the new Dimension 0 trading card game. Takanori Gomi was present at the event and after watching the competition, had some comments regarding New Year's Eve.

Apparently, the motivation of the fighters that are training in the countryside was inspirational for Gomi. "The fighters in the country are hungry. It's a rare opportunity for me so I wanted to see how far I could go against them. It was refreshing to have them attack me as hard as they can." Gomi said that now that his training in the countryside has finished, he will begin training in earnest from December. "I've been working on striking defense and weight lifting until now but I want to use the 4 weeks before the fight to research and train somewhere close.

When Gomi heard that in addition to his fight, there would be another Japanese match up between Ogawa and Yoshida, he claimed that he is the one that started the trend, "There's a lot of heat in Japanese VS Japanese matches. I think the match between Kawajiri and me in the last fight had something to do with it."

Gomi's aspiration is nothing short of being the best, "The theme [in Japan ] for this event is " he peak'. So... if I win this, I will be at the top. I think that the top of PRIDE is the top of the world. Once you get there though, you have to start all over.

On New Year's Eve, Gomi will face off against Hayato "Mach" Sakurai, Gomi's senior at the Kiguchi Dojo. For Gomi, the fight with Sakurai will be "very satisfactory" even when compared to the Ogawa VS Yoshida fight. Smiling, Gomi said, "I've got to be careful of his low kicks and knees. We have a junior-senior relationship so he probably doesn't want this fight, but it's time for a new generation to take over."

Will Gomi be able to conquer the golden New Year's Eve card as he conquered PRIDE and the martial arts world this year? If he keeps his current momentum, it's entirely possible. It's also possible that a national hero will be born on New Year's Eve.