We sat down with Murilo "Ninja" Rua and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, two brothers with a great relationship, for an interview. The interview was conducted outside and the weather was good but there were some unexpected visitors... Also present was Zitto , their teacher since their childhood days.




Pride Fighting Championships : Shogun, what did you think of your brother's fight in PRIDE 30?
Mauricio "Shogun" Rua: Everyone at Chute Boxe believes in Ninja's potential and Ninja trained as hard as he could, so I knew that he would do well. I think that Ninja proved with this fight that he is the greatest fighter in the middleweight division.
Pride: Before the fight, Ninja said this would be a very important match. Was there any special mood during training?
Shogun: Yes... (yells) [At this point, bees attack both Rua brothers]
Murilo "Ninja" Rua: [after collecting himself] Yes, there was some pressure because I had to win this match in particular, and I was a little nervous on the day of the fight. However, I trained very hard in striking and on the ground, so I was confident that I would win by KO or submission. I'm happy that I actually won by submission.
Shogun: I think Ninja's power was different than before. He hasn't fought in a while but during that time, he devoted himself to getting stronger. In terms of strength, this fight is the strongest he has ever been.
Pride: Let me ask you about your mother. I've heard that she is a famous track athlete in Brazil.
Shogun: Yes, our mother always places high in events. She's currently a marathon runner. She runs every day. I think that we are good fighters today because of our mother's support.
Pride: Did she make your run with her when you were children?
Ninja: No, nothing like that.
Shogun: Ninja and I compete with her in short races but in the end, she always run laps around us. (laughing) Mama always places in the top positions but we are always in the back. It's tough because people always say to us "Your mother is faster than you even though she is in her 50s and you're in your 20s."
Pride: Do both of your run marathons?
Shogun: Sometimes we all run in 10km races.
Pride: What were your mother's punishments like?
Shogun: Her discipline wasn't tough. Actually, it was the reverse. Both of our parents are very kind to us. They played soccer and swam with us since we were children and we've never been needy. We were able to eat what we wanted and I think all of these things had an affect on the kind of fighters that we are today.
A fter winning the Grand Prix on August 28 th , Shogun had a busy schedule with local Brazilian television appearances.
Pride: Ninja, have you ever thought that Shogun was spoiled?
Ninja: No. It was our other brother, Shaolin, who was spoiled. (laughing)
Shogun: Ninja and Shaolin are always fighting. I always have to get between them and work it out. (laughing)
Ninja: Is that how it is? (laughing)
Pride: Do you give Shaolin an allowance from your fight money?
Shogun: We're always giving money to him. Shaolin will become rich some day. He gets money from me, from Ninja and from our parents.
Pride: Is your father talented at sports?
Shogun: I think he was good. It was just a hobby for him but we used to play soccer together. He's a super businessman now, flying all around the world.
Pride: You've been with Professor Zitto (Chute Boxe Japan instructor), who is here with you today, since you were children, right?
Shogun: Ninja and I have always trained at Zitto 's place. We have churrascaria (Brazilian BBQ) parties before our fights but Zitto is cheap and won't buy much meat for us. That's why all of our fighters are hungry when the fight. (laughing)
Zitto: I'm not cheap! (laughing) These guys eat too much so (no matter how much I buy) it's never enough. It's better not to eat much meat before a fight, right? These guys eat a lot. I used to operate a store selling sandwiches and candies and Ninja came to work part-time for me. Ninja at too much though and I went out of business!
Pride: Is that true?
Zitto: Of course it's true!
Ninja: I can't help it. I love chocolate and candy. (laughing)
Pride: What are your hobbies, besides martial arts?
Ninja: I like to watch soccer matches but I don't really have any special hobbies. I like to spend time around my house, watching videos and eating with my family.
Shogun: I always train with Ninja and we spend most of our weekends together, too. We go to watch soccer and movies together, and we walk our dogs together.
Pride: You really have a good relationship. Finally, Shogun, you said in a recent interview that you want to fight Yoshida.
Shogun: I think Mr. Yoshida is a really excellent fighter and if we fight, it would definitely be a good match. I want to show the fans good fights so I hope to fight Yoshida some day.
Pride: Ninja, is there anyone that you want to fight?
Ninja: I don't choose my opponents, so anyone is fine. If Pride makes me an offer, I could drop down to 83kg and fight in the Welterweight Grand Prix. If so, I'd like to fight Gono again and finally see who is better. [Note: Ninja and Akihiro Gono's fight in Pro Shooto on May 1, 2001 ended in a draw.]