Zulu arrived at Narita Airport as dusk fell on December 27th before his December 31st match against Fedor Emelianenko in PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2005, to be held at Saitama Super Arena. Although his pre-fight chances don't look very good, both Zulu and his father, Rei Zulu, declared together that Zulu will, without a doubt, knock Fedor out!

Even mixed among the tourists, Zulu's giant body is easy to spot. He was 184kg in his last fight but Zulu said that he "dropped to 175kg to gain speed," although he still looks about the same. Zulu, who is planning to request a title match if he wins this fight against Fedor, shook his giant body while he laughed, "You guys are going to have to make the belt a lot bigger for me."

"I came to break the 'fist of ice" I've seen all his videos and found many holes. I've been training to take advantage of those points. If Fedor's fists are made of ice, my fists are made of ice-destroying "fire" or "rock" "

"What I can say now is that I plan on striking mainly and knocking him out. I think my striking is better than Fedor's," Zulu said confidently of his boxing. Zulu is training together with the Brazilian Olympic boxing team. Zulu went on to declare that he would win early in the fight, "I don't think the fight will go past 5 minutes of the first round."

His situation has changed greatly, too. He was an unknown fighter that only fought in local matches but he instantly became famous when he appeared in PRIDE. "That's why I want to keep fighting in PRIDE and give good fights," Zulu said that he would be fighting for Brazil. "I'm proud that I can fight in PRIDE."

"He has beaten several strong Brazilian fighters before but this time it will be the Brazilian that knocks him out. I feel a heavy responsibility."

In addition to his regular boxing and jujitsu training, Zulu also said that he has been wrestling in preparation for this match. Zulu's father, Rei Zulu, was full of confidence regarding his son's conditioning, "Fedor is stronger than Rickson Gracie when I fought him. He can take a punch and he's good at throws. However, my son will, without a doubt, knock Fedor out. It doesn't matter if they are standing or on the ground."

"That motivates me," Zulu said of his father comparing Fedor to Rickson. "I can get payback for my father. After I win this fight, I will ender next year's Grand Prix and win the title. That's my dream."

Zulu's potential is still unknown and in this fight, Zulu's lack of fear could prove to me trouble for Fedor.