On December 28th, Ricardo Arona and Murilo Bustamante answered reporters" questions before their upcoming bouts for the PRIDE Middleweight Championship title and the Welterweight Grand Prix Championships title, respectively, at the December 31st PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2005, to be held at Saitama Super Arena.

Arona, clad in a down feather jacket, and Bustamante, with a knit-cap and scarf, came to the interview spot. Japan's winter is colder this year than last, and Rio de Janeiro is in the middle of summer, making it tough for both fighters. "The thing I have to be most careful about is not catching a cold," Arona said.

Both fighters said they came to Japan earlier than usual this time, are in perfect condition for the fight and have had no problems making weight. "I've had good performances this year so I believe this fight will be good, too. I feel certain that I'm going to win." (Bustamante) "I'm in perfect shape, just like Murilo. We're both going to take the belts home to Brazil." (Arona)

"There was an accident in that match (*Bustamante claims that Henderson head-butted him) and it ended quickly so to me, the fight never really existed," Bustamante said, apparently unconcerned of his previous match with Henderson.



Bustamante said that he has received advice from Arona and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, who have both beaten Henderson and declared that he would make Henderson tap, "I've trained many different techniques, so I hope to use them in the fight. I want to finish it with a submission."

Arona, who has beaten Wanderlei Silva before, spoke confidently, "The last fight was a very good fight. I'm very prepared for Wanderlei this time too and there won't be any problems, no matter what kind of fight it turns in to. I don't know whether it will be by submission or KO but I want to use a lot of techniques on Silva, and I want to prove that jujitsu is the strongest."

"I've been sparring with Bustamante and after training, we talked about strategies for Wanderlei," Arona continued. Regarding Silva's comments that he wasn't his true self in that fight, Arona said, "I'm not worried about that at all. Wanderlei can say whatever he wants. I'm just going to fight. I will fight at my pace in this fight, too."

Arona said before that, "If I'm a tiger, Wanderlei is a hyena. He's not beautiful and he looks like he belongs in a herd" Today was no different, with Arona challenging Silva, "Wanderlei is a rabbit. Tigers hunt rabbits." The previous weigh-in was a delicate situation, with both fighters staring at each other. Arona has said that he doesn't like Wanderlei and this fight looks like it could become dangerous.