We caught up with Alexander Emelianenko and Pawel Nastula to ask them their thoughts and feelings on their upcoming December 31st fights at PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2005, to be held at Saitama Super Arena.

Alexander Emelianenko:
Did I get in shape? I just look like I did. (laughing) I weight 115 kg now. I'm lifting weights, my stomach has gotten smaller and my arms are bigger. I've been working on my body to improve my speed and stamina.

My brother and I use new training methods every day and are always thinking of new stuff to win, to get faster and to have better fights. So, I feel different this time. It's easy for me to move around standing and on the ground. It feels like I'm lighter. It feels like I had a lot of potatoes in my stomach up until now. (laughing)

I don't feel anything special because Pawel Nastula is an Olympic gold medallist but it's an honor to be able to fight a great fighter that has that kind of record in judo. I'm very happy about this because I did judo for about 10 years. I did it as a sport and I have a black belt. When they held the Youth Olympics in Moscow, I was in poor health so I wasn't a representative but the guy that beat me competed and won the event. I have beaten him in the past, though.

I not speaking poorly of Nastula's judo techniques but just looking at his previous fights, I don't think I have much to be concerned about because I'm prepared to face him. I don't plan on sticking to just standup. I will just go with the flow of the fight and, of course, I will win. I don't know whether it will be standing or on the ground but I will win early in the fight.

I want to show everyone a beautiful match that will stay in their hearts.




Pawel Nastula:
I won't know my true condition until I'm actually in the fight but I feel like I'm in perfect condition. I think that the reason for my loss against Nogueira was that it was my debut fight and I wasn't good at boxing. I didn't punch enough on the ground either and I was gassed after the first two minutes. This time... well, Alexander will read this interview, right? It's a secret.

If I can speak boldly, Alexander is in better physical condition than me and if possible, I want to avoid trading punches with him. So, I want to take him down to the mat and push the fight there. Alexander's boxing is good but he hasn't fought on the ground much so I don't know what he is capable of there. I think that compared to Nogueira, Alexander's boxing is stronger but his grappling is weaker, so I think I have a chance with grappling this time. Nogueira is probably stronger.

I've been training MMA as hard as possible over this half-year and I think I'm 60% stronger than the last time. I want to show the PRIDE fans more techniques and show them a new Pawel Nastula.

I didn't receive great reviews in my mother country of Poland after my last fight but they did say that as a beginner in PRIDE, it was a good fight, and I received a lot of support. I want to do my best this time to show give the fans in Poland good results. I want to take out Alexander and fight in the Grand Prix next year.