We caught up with Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett and Ken Kaneko to ask them their thoughts and feelings on their upcoming December 31st fights at PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2005, to be held at Saitama Super Arena.

Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett:

I'm still really angry that I have to fight Kaneko. He's just going to want to lie down so I trained on the ground this time. I'm a black man and I like to stand up and punch. He's afraid and probably going to run away. That's why I, a black man, mainly worked on wrestling and the ground this time.

Will I submit him? No, ground and pound! That's what I'm good at. This black man will finish him with ground and pound.

I don't have any data on him? It doesn't matter. I'm a warrior and a street fighter. Most of the guys that I have fought until now, I didn't have any info on them and I hadn't seen their fights. I'm a master of winning that kind of situation.

I will show Kaneko what he needs to do in this fight! Go back to being an actor! I will show him that it was a mistake to climb in the ring and should never get in the ring again. Even so, I don't plan on ending it quickly. I'm not going to finish quickly. I know what I have to do. I'm going to take my time and show him. Kaneko! Go back to "Junk Sports" (a Japanese TV sports show) I know about you. I've done my research. How about that? Are you scared?! (laughing)

Kaneko's movies? ... no, I don't know. I don't care about that! Everyone watch because I'm going to show you how big I am on New Year's Eve.




Ken Kaneko:

The only thing left to do is get my feelings in order. I can't get any stronger in two days so I will give 100% of everything I've learned so far. That's all. I did everything that I can. Honestly, I would like to have practiced more if I had more time but it doesn't do me any good to say that kind of thing now. I trained in striking too, not just grappling.

My feelings right now... it's tough. I want the day of the fight to come soon. I've never even fought as an amateur, so there is pressure. I think today and tomorrow will feel the same. That's why I want the fight to come quickly. I see dreams of the fight every day, good dreams and bad.

I'm always doing image training. When I'm going from place to place and when I'm at home. In that sense, I fight tens of fights every day. Sometimes I feel good and sometimes I feel bad. When I feel bad, I break out in a cold sweat. Then I fight the fight again and create an image of me winning. I only go outside to train. Otherwise, I relax at home.

I've watched Bennett's videos many times. He's a tough, rowdy fighter. I wonder how long I can ignore his taunts in the ring? My teacher told me that I can't let my mind go blank and I have listen to what my corner is tell me. I want to fight calmly. I was nervous just listening to everyone talk in the rule meeting. I haven't completely decided on my corner men but I want them to be the people that I trust the most.

I decided on my entrance song yesterday. I picked the song that would make me feel the best when I make my entrance. I met Bennett at the rule meeting. I was wearing my hat really low, so I couldn't see around me. He came to look at me. He wanted to shake hands and he said "good luck" so I should hands with him. (laughing)

I know that most people think this is impossible for me but I want to show everyone what I have done so far. I don't want to just talk about it. I have to fight seriously so that everything I've done won't be wasted. That's what I'm working on now. I will climb into the ring confident in my training.

I have an idea to win. I'm inexperience and my abilities are limited. I can't respond to everything so I've narrowed it down to specific areas. Of course, I'm nervous about things that don't fall into those areas but I'm betting it all on this one chance.