Indonesia, caught up in the PRIDE boom, held the MMA event "TPI FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS" on January 31. Eiji Mitsuoka (RJW Central), Yuji Hisamitsu (Tiger Place) and Naoki Hashimoto (BCG) represented Japan.

Results For The Japanese Fighters

Yuji Hisamitsu defeated Galih Suroso by sleeper-hold at 1:45 in round 1. Hisamitsu received several punches at the beginning of the fight but was able to take Suroso down after getting him into the corner. Suroso gave up his back and Hisamitsu apllied the rear-naked choke for the win.

Eiji Mitsuoka defeated Zuli Silawanto by sleeper-hold at 1:43 in round 1. Mitsuoka went directly for a takedown. A frustrated Silawanto gave up his back and Mitsuoka won by rear-naked choke without ever being in danger.

Naoki Hashimoto defeated Terauit Petra at 0:13 in round 1. Hashimoto went for the clinch at the start of the fight. He got the takedown and followed-up by getting mount position over Petra. After Hashimoto unleashed a flurry of punches from, the muay thai fighter was defeated in a mere 13 seconds.

Other Fight Results

Andry Fachruriadi defeated Aji Susilo by decision at the end of round 3.
Yohan Mulya defeated Lukman Dedy Wijaya by submission at 3:33 in round 1.
Lutfiantoro defeated Hendrawan jaya by submission at 5:47 in round 2.
Linson Simanjuntak defeated Chatchavat Prasopnet by submission at 1:52 in round 1.
Edi Purwadi defeated Jarot Sumanianto by submission at 8:21 in round 2.
Robert Winarno defeated Wahyu Satria by TKO at 10:00 in round 2.
Comments from Yuji Shimada, Pride Rule Director
What was your impression?: PRIDE is a really big thing in Indonesia and the fans were really excited. The Japanese fighters were able to easily win and there was definitely a difference in skill level. (How were the Indonesian fighters?) They still need a little more work but I really felt that they wanted to fight in PRIDE. They made up for a lack of technique with aggressiveness and fighting spirit.

Was there anyone who looks like they may be able to fight in PRIDE?: Most of their fighters are very light so it would be tough for them to fight in PRIDE. There were some fighters that I think would be fun to watch in THE BEST. At this point, they just don't have enough experience, though. Alexander Otsuka came beforehand to give them a seminar. I hope they will continue to train like that. If there are strong, interesting fighters, I always want to put them in THE BEST.