A combined press conference and public weigh-in was held at a Tokyo hotel on March 13th in advance of PRIDE 25. Present at the meeting were Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Emelianenko Fedor, who were finalizing a deal for the Heavyweight Championship fight, Kevin Randleman, Quinton Jackson, Carlos Newton and Anderson Silva. With fight day only 3 days away, it was a tense atmosphere. All of the fighters present were weighed but only the Nogueira and Fedor's weigh-ins will be counted as official. The other fighters will have official weigh-ins later.




Pride Fighting Championships : What are the contracted weight limits?
Y uji Shimada, Rule Director for
PRIDE: The weight limit for Quinton Jackson and Kevin Randleman is 93 kilos. That's the limit for middleweights. Carlos Newton and Anderson Silva have to be under 84 kilos.
PRIDE: This is for Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Emelianenko Fedor. What are your opinions of the other fighter?
Antonio Nogueira: He's a very strong fighter. Not just power but he's a great athlete on the ground. For me, fighting a strong fighter is how I grow so I'm looking forward to this fight.
Fedor Emelianenko: As I said earlier, it's an honor for me to be able to fight Nogueira. He has top-level techniques, both ground and standing. I'm very happy to be able to fight the person who is considered the best fighter in the world. This fight will have a lot of great content.
PRIDE: Fedor, you were injured near the end of last year. When did you begin training again?
Emelianenko: I was injured but I never stopped training completely. I trained as much as I could without aggravating the injury. Once the injury was completely healed, I started my full training again.
PRIDE: What is the thing that you've focused on the most for this fight? And what do you think are you chances of winning this fight?
Nogueira: I trained a lot for this fight. It was Carnival in Brazil but I trained every day. 6 hours every day and 6 days every week. I trained in both ground work and standing. I'm in great physical, technical and mental shape. I don't know what my chances are in terms of percentage but I know I'm confident that I will win.
Emelianenko: Of course I did some special training for this fight. I had the best Sambo trainers in Russia train me. I trained in groundwork, standing and striking. I don't think about how confident I am of winning. I just focus on how much confidence I have in myself. You'll find out the results on fight day.
PRIDE: Fedor, what is your average training day like and what is more important to you, fighting Nogueira or taking the title?
Emelianenko: I usually train 5 hours each day. As far as the 2nd question goes, I'm honored to fight Nogueira. I don't know how many times I have to say it. I'm happy that I've got the right to fight him. Getting a title is every martial artist's dream and I'm not exception.