A dreary smoke pours forth from a desolate sky. From this is born a man who walks like fire itself, Kazushi Sakuraba. Eyes piercing forward and fists clenched...

Kazushi Sakuraba portrayed the main character in a commercial earlier this January for the PlayStation 2 fighting game, PRIDE FC. "It was a new experience for me. Much different from my regular training but the set was cold and the makeup they painted me with felt weird..." Sakuraba continued, "but I guess to make up for that they gave us really nice dressing rooms.
They also let us play video games and I got really caught up in them. (laughing)" Sakuraba was filmed for 5 hours on a set that was so cold it felt like it could freeze you to the bone. The director of the commercial said, "Sakuraba replied to everything with 'Yes', 'I'm fine', 'I understand' or 'I'll try'. I really got the feeling that he's a shy guy. I'd really like to work with him again. It really was a set that put pressure on him and tested his heart and power."