Head of Takada Dojo, Nobuhiko Takada, participated in a talk show-event at the Kanagawa Keirin Racing Course on April 5th. According to Takada, PRIDE 26 will be held around the end of May or June near Tokyo and the new organization for PRIDE will be announced sometime next week.

Nobuhiko Takada:
"I think DSE will announce it sometime next week" When asked about his relationship with PRIDE, Takada replied "It's an inside relationship and an outside relationship. I'm the head of my own dojo and I think that enables me to keep a good balance. I can look at many things and say what needs to be said to make things better. That's my position. I'm the face of my dojo so that makes me an outsider but part of me is also on the inside, so that motivates me to work hard for DSE. I'm sort of a "helping hand." Maybe the "head helping hand". (laughing) I think the best assistance that I can give is to constantly promote strong Japanese fighters."

(Regarding Sakuraba's participation in PRIDE 26) "I believe an offer will be made, of course. Well, we'll have to see what the conditions are at the time. They still haven't announced the new organization of DSE or schedule so I assume any offer would come after that. He's practicing in the meantime and he'll be ready when the times comes."

(Regarding Sakuraba's statement that he wants to fight as a heavyweight) "Haha, he's full of it. (laughing) That's a good example of a Sakuraba-style joke. (laughing) But, I think he's got that enough spirit to do it. He's really wanted to fight since last year but hasn't been able to very much so I guess that's why he said it. He always wants to keep moving forward. Anyway, there are alot of middleweight fighters that Saku needs to fight." According to DSE officials, the event schedule for the remainder of the year and a partial PRIDE 26 card will be announced at the same time as the new DSE organization.