Gary Goodridge and Tom Erikson, both active PRIDE fighters, fought in the Yamagata K-1 Japan event on April 6th. Goodridge faced off against K-1 Japan's ace, Musashi, but came out in a draw. Erickson slugged it out with Amada Hiromi but lost by KO.

Gary Goodridge DRAW Musashi, 3:00 5R

Gary Goodridge's Post-Fight Comments
I've still got a lot of pain from getting kicked in the crotch. I guess it was Musashi getting some payback for the last time. I was wearing a steel cup so I think I'll give it to Musashi as a present. I was planning on him paying me back, though. I'm really happy that I was even able to get a draw with Musashi, the top fighter in K-1 Japan. I worked out with Maurice Smith for a month. Our strategy wasn't to finish it in the first round but to relax and finish it in the last round. After I lost in K-1 last year, I talked to the promoters about who I should train with and they said that he's the best. We started training in the morning. 45 minutes of running, 45 minutes dashing, weight training for 45 minutes, then swimming for 1 hour. We sparred in the afternoon and practiced high kicks and middle kicks. I'm a fighter so I'll fight anywhere when the promoter's call me.

Hiromi Amada defeated Tom Erikson by KO, 1:14 4R

Tom Erickson's Post-Fight Comments

I think Amada won tonight because of heart. I think I lost because I didn't have enough spirit for the fight. I felt his spirit when we were trading punches and it was a tough battle, just like I predicted at the press conference. I just couldn't knock him down. I'm a PRIDE fighter and Amada's a K-1 fighter, so he's obviously got better punches and kicks. I feel that I did the best I could in this fight so if I get another chance, I'd like to fight in K-1 again.

Easy win for Fedor in Lithuania

PRIDE's Heavyweight Champion, Fedor Emelianenko, fought in the Lithuanian BUSHIDO-RINGS on April 5th against the Lithuanian brawler, Egidijus Valavicius. There was concern over Fedor's condition since he gained his PRIDE Heavyweight title from the previous champion, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, a mere 3 weeks ago. However, Fedor won over Valavicius by a chicken-win arm-lock in the second round.