Kazushi Sakuraba participated in a talk show-event at the Kanagawa Keirin Racing Course on April 5th. Sakuraba was all smiles and cheerful from beginning to end despite his last to Nino "Elvis" Schembri 3 weeks ago at PRIDE 25.

Los Angeles, CA
April 16, 2003
Dream Stage Entertainment (DSE), home to mixed-martial arts and full-contact sports PRIDE Fighting Championships (PRIDE FC), announced today a number of significant developments at the company. The largest digital satellite television provider in Japan, SKY PerfecTV!, has signed on as a partial owner of the company. Also announced was the promotion of Nobuyuki Sakakibara as DSE's new president, and the 2003-2004 PRIDE FC event schedule -- featuring PRIDE FC's debut in the U.S., in January 2004 in Las Vegas.




Announcer: When people think of Sakuraba, they think of some big matches. Which fight has left the biggest impression on you?
Kazushi Sakuraba: The last fight (against Nino). I had memory until the middle of the fight...until the middle (laughing). After that, I don't remember anything until I was in the dressing room backstage (forced laugh).
Announcer: What's next for you in PRIDE?
Sakuraba: I'd like to fight in PRIDE 26 around the end of May or beginning of June.
Announcer: And the opponent?
Sakuraba: Ah, mine? (someone yells "Bob Sapp" from the audience) Ok, make him lose some weight first. (laughing)
A udience Q & A
Announcer: What does your father do?
Sakuraba: My dad, well he's probably drinking right about now (laughing) because today's his day off.
Announcer: Have you thought of any new techniques lately?
Sakuraba: Yes, I had some but since I've been hit too much in my recent fights, I forgot them! (laughing)
Announcer: You haven't had much good luck lately. Have you thought of doing something to change that, like changing your name?
Sakuraba: I got my name from my parent's so I have never thought of changing it. Everyone around me tells me that I need to pray more, though. (laughing)
Announcer: Will you fight Wanderlei Silva for a 3rd time?
Sakuraba: You'll have to ask DSE about that (laughing). If they told me to do it, I would.
Announcer: I'd like to see you win and become the Middleweight Champion.
Sakuraba: No, Heavyweight! (laughing)
Announcer: Who do you want to fight the most right now?
Sakuraba: Well....there're a lot of people that I'd like to fight so I'll fight whoever they tell me to.
Audience: Have you though anything up for your next entrance?
Sakuraba: I've used up everything. I've been thinking it over. Maybe I'll ride a bicycle in. (laughing)
Announcer: And a few final words...
Sakuraba: I'd like to gain weight and fight Fedor (a roar emits from the audience) No, I'm lying. I'm lying. (laughing)