PRIDE Executive Producer, Antonio Inoki
This has been a tough 2 years for Fujita. Just when he was gaining popularity, he had an accident and now it's about whether he can make a comeback. I think this will be a big chance for him. It's what everyone says but I think "what will be, will be", so I just want him to give it everything that he's got.

Kazuyuki Fujita
I'll be able to do both (Nakanishi and Fedor) fights. Although the best in PRIDE is standing right before us, no one is taking him on. That's why I asked if I could fight Fedor, the PRIDE (Heavyweight) Champion. I said if I'm going to do it, I want the best. (When asked about how he will fight Fedor) I don't know right now. I'll have to think about it from now on.

PRIDE General Manager, Nobuyuki Takada
I've now been given a say among the people who put matches together. I'd like to see Wanderlei Silva and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson go at it soon. (When asked about Fujita vs. Fedor) Fedor is at the top of his game and Fujita is coming back after 2 years. I think it will be a great battle.

DSE President, Nobuyuki Sakakibara
Fujita vs. Fedor will be a non-title match but if Fujita wins, a title match may be possible. Nogueira is recovering in Holland right now but we expect him to return in August. Regardless, we want him to come back in top condition. We are planning on having one heavyweight match at the PRIDE MIDDLEWEIGHT GP 2003 opening round and Hidehiko Yoshida will likely fight in that. Regarding our expansion into America, there are some slight discrepancies between our rules and those MMA rules that the Nevada State Athletic Commission approves of, such as kneeing when your opponent is on all fours. There's 10 months left until that event so we will continue to negotiate these points. Elbow strikes, which are illegal in PRIDE, will probably not be allowed, even though they are legal in the US. I've asked the PRIDE General Manager, Mr. Takada, to view possible rule changes from the perspective of the fighters and that of competition. I've also asked him to scout for new fighters, both within Japan and from other countries. Additionally, we would like for him to be sort of a de facto public relations officer for PRIDE and promote PRIDE whenever he can. Of course I want to hear Mr. Takada's ideas but he won't decide who will fight. That is up to the voice of the fans and the media. DSE will listen to those opinions and make the final judgment.