Anderson Silva won by KO in STORM MUAY THAI GP, a muay thai event held on April 12th in Brazil. Silva also KO'd Carlos Newton with a knee-kick at the March 16th PRIDE 25 at Yokohama Arena.

Event Name: STORM Muay Thai Grand Prix
Date: April 12, 2003 (Saturday)
Location: Brazil
Five rounds of 3 minutes each.
Anderson Silva defeated San Marino 1R 2:57 KO




Chute Boxe's Anderson Silva, famous for both his fighting and his Michael Jackson impersonation, appeared in the April 12th STORM MUAY THAI GP muay thai event in Brazil. Silva faced off against San Marino in a match scheduled for 5 rounds of 3 minutes each. Once the match started, Silva came in with well-timed and lighting fast strikes. Silva's aggression was apparently too much for his opponent as Silva won by KO at the close of the first round. After his win, Silva did his Michael Jackson dance for an enthusiastic crowd. Silva had the following comments following his fight, "I know I'm taking a career risk by fighting at this kind of local event but it was because of local events like this that I got my chance. I fought here, I left a good record here and that's why I'm who I am today. So I fight in places like this, without worrying about the risks. I want to be a good example for my students and other fighters. I think the most important think is to fight without fearing anything."