Pride Fighting Championships: How is Herring's conditioning?
Takada Nobuhiko: As once might expect, his beating at the hands of Fedor was tough on him and he has set out to rebuild himself, physically and mentally, because it was a total loss for him. So when we brought the offer to him, he said that he had been waiting for such an opportunity. He's got a lot to prove and that makes him a dangerous opponent for Mirko.
Pride: Will it get even tougher for Mirko from now on if he beats Heath?
Takada: It's not just the contents of the match or the final result. A lot of it depends on how he beats him. We'll pay attention to all of these things when we are making the next decision.
Pride: Will fighting under pure PRIDE rules affect Mirko?
Takada: This will be Mirko's first experience under those rules. He's clever and not much gets by him. I'm sure he prepared himself before approaching us. I don't think we need to worry about that. I believe that he's considered himself to be primarily a K-1 fighter up till now. Now, however, he's in more of a neutral position. Not a "K-1" fighter or a "Pride" fighter, just a "fighter". That's probably why he decided he wanted to be champion of both. Of course, to be the top fighter in an organization, you have to fight under the rules of their ring. He's clever so I'm sure he has known that from the beginning.
Pride: If Mirko's ultimate goal is to become champion, which puts a lot of focus on Fedor as he goes against Fujita.
Takada: He's had 4 fights in PRIDE already and if he fights as he always has, I'm sure he will win. The fans will also get to see a real battle and that's what counts. However, I'm certain that Fujita is going to show us some real heart. He seems to be in very good shape this time. I'm going to keep a close eye on him.
Pride: What will be the order of the fights?
Takada: The Champion will fight last. Mirko will probably fight second to last.