Team Gracie recently gathered at Renzo Gracie's gym to prepare for their upcoming matches against Team Japan at BUSHIDO. Though the whole team is training hard, there's one guy in the mix who stands out ... Ralph Gracie. His nickname is "The Pitbull" and based on his style, it suits him perfectly. Though an experienced warrior in the cage/ring, it will be Ralph's very first fight in Japan. In preparation for his upcoming battle with Dokonjonosuke Mishima, he was been training just like you'd expect someone called "The Pitbull" to train.

Sparring with Daniel, the biggest member of the Gracie team, Ralph, a former amateur boxing champion, has been putting a lot of time into his boxing. "I saw the fight where Mishima beat Marcio (Feitosa). I admit he's a strong fighter but I promise you my fist are harder than he can imagine."

From that comment you might think that his strategy is to win by striking, but needless to say, the specialty of Team Gracie is their Gracie Jiu Jitsu. The consensus is that Ralph will try and end the fight on the ground, but misjudging him on his feet could be a horrible mistake for Mishima. Though the BUSHIDO fightcard has many matchups that should be exciting, Ralph Gracie versus Dokonjonosuke Mishima is one that is sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seat!