Pre-fight interviews with Quinton Jackson is now available online.




Pride Fighting Championships: Hey man, what's up?
Quinton Jackson: I'm fine. First, some shout-outs to my sponsors. I want to thank www.seriouspimp.com 'cuz I'm a serious pimp. And www.vitatrp.com, www.tirebarnonline.com, and my Chiropractor, Dr. G. And Unbreakable Mouthpieces and www.bjjtapes.com. Also, what's up to family back in Memphis and friends in OC.
PRIDE: As much of a relaxed guys as you are, when they say "round 1" and the bell rings, do you get nervous before the first shots are thrown?
Jackson: Fuck yeah. I get nervous but it depends on who I'm fighting. I get more nervous when it's people that I don't know. Like that Russian guy, I didn't know shit about him. So, I was more nervous. When I fought Bustamante, I didn't know much about him. How nervous I get depends on who I'm fighting. This Grand Prix, I've never fought before so I'm nervous. I have trouble sleeping. For a whole month, it's all I've thought about. It's all I've done. Everything. That's all I think about, fighting.
PRIDE: How many days do you train?
Jackson: Two.
PRIDE: Every day?
Jackson: Except Sundays. Well, Fridays and Saturdays I don't train 2 times. At first I did but then my coach switched up the schedule. Fridays I do a hard run. We've got a track and he times us. We do that for like an hour. On Saturday, we do like 2 fights. Fight for 20 minutes, take a 20 minute break and then fight for another 20 minutes.
PRIDE: That's strictly for tournament preparation?
Jackson: Yeah.
Pride: Do you have any special diet?
Jackson: Yeah, I've been on a strict diet.
PRIDE: You look like you've lost weight.
Jackson: You wouldn't believe it. My nutritionist, Real, was really busting her ass. She's a bodybuilder.
PRIDE: You look cut. How much do you weight?
Jackson: I don't know. Hopefully, 215.
PRIDE: Most are saying that whoever finishes their first fight the quickest is the winner of the tournament. What do you think?
Jackson: Makes sense to me but it depends on your heart. Anything can happen. It's a tournament. The best guys don't always win a tournament. It don't matter. I'll just say this; if it's meant for me to win, I'll win. If it's not, I won't. I'm going to go out there and give 110%. Motherfucker says he's gonna knock me out and shit. Man, I ain't never been knocked out before.
PRIDE: What do you do here in Japan?
Jackson: Normally, I play video games but I brought so many people with me this time, I can't get any video game time. I'm just kicking back and watching them play it. I'm just kicking back and enjoying Japan. My brother and my cousin came out. I haven't seen them in awhile. It's big. There's a lot of pressure to deal with. I feel like I'm going to do some great things, shit I don't normally do in fights. I want to make exciting fights but my main goal is to win.
PRIDE: How does your trainer tell you to deal with pressure?
Jackson: Don't really talk about it much. It doesn't really matter. It's a win-win situation. I've already made it to the Grand Prix so fuck it.
PRIDE: Any specific plans for Chuck?
Jackson: He's never fought anybody like me before so I'm just going to bring me.
PRIDE: Who do you like between Nogueira and Cro Cop?
Jackson: I like both of them but I like Cro Cop better.
PRIDE: You think he's going to win?
Jackson: I don't see too many people that can beat him right now. Fedor, maybe. If Nogueira gets him on the ground though, it' s over. Cro Cop's been knocking motherfuckers out. I saw the clip where he knocked Dos Caras out.
PRIDE: Assuming you win the first round, do you prefer to fight Wanderlei in the final?
Jackson: Actually, I don't want to fight Wanderlei in the tournament. I'm the number one contender so I'd rather fight him for the belt. I want to win the Grand Prix title and the Champion title.
PRIDE: And if you could only get one title, which would it be?
Jackson: Shit, whichever would get me the most money.
PRIDE: If you beat Yoshida instead, that would make a good setup for a later fight between you and Wanderlei.
Jackson: Yeah, I think PRIDE would make a lot of money if I fought him later. They Grand Prix is already sold out. Everybody wants to see me and Wanderlei fight.