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Pride Fighting Championships: How long have you been in Holland?
Heath Herring: 3 years.
PRIDE: I was surprised how good your Dutch is. How do you spend your days?
Herring: I speak Dutch all day long at Holland. Well, we train a lot so the day goes by quick by I sit in front of the computer and play games with my brother.
PRIDE: What games do you like?
Herring: Battlefield 1942. Desert Combat.
PRIDE: PlayStation?
Herring: We play a little bit of PlayStation but mainly on the computer because you can play against people across the world.
PRIDE: What's the coolest thing about fighting? You get to travel all over the world.
Herring: No, that's the biggest pain in the ass. The biggest thing that I don't like is being away from my family. But, my brother is in Holland now so it's better. My sister and her husband just moved to Germany.
PRIDE: When do you put your game face on?
Herring: I'm pretty relaxed before the fight. Everybody hates me because I'm usually sleeping.
PRIDE: When do they wake you up?
Herring: I wish they would just roll me in the ring and then wake me up. I hate getting the adrenaline up too early.
PRIDE: You like to go out there cold?
Herring: No, I like to go out warm.
PRIDE: Is it better not to know anything about your opponent?
Herring: I won't know any disadvantages until we get into the ring. I know that he's left-handed. We think that he wants to be the next Cro Cop, throwing high kicks. He's probably versed in submissions but that's nothing knew.
PRIDE: He can take a lot of shots. You'll really have to mess him up. Okay, what's the last movie you saw?
Herring: I've got a funny story about the last movie I tried to see. I wrecked my car this past Sunday. I was going to see Underworld but I never made it.
PRIDE: Big accident?
Herring: Totaled the car. I hit a tree. It was crazy.
PRIDE: What was the last movie you made it to?
Herring: Bruce Almighty.
PRIDE: What round?
Herring: First round, always. I always try for the first.
PRIDE: Okay, winner of the GP?
Herring: Quinton is my buddy so I've got to go with Quinton.
PRIDE: Cro Cop versus Nogueira?
Herring: I think Cro Cop is going to win.
PRIDE: Early?
Herring: I don't know.