Pre-fight interviews with Norihisa Yamamoto is now available online.




Pride Fighting Championships: What do you do to relax? Listen to music? Movies?
Norihisa Yamamoto: I'd be more relaxed if I wasn't here being interviewed.
PRIDE: Okay, what will you do after this? After all these stupid motherfuckers stop asking you questions?
Yamamoto: I just try to continue my day-to-day life, as it is. I don't listen to music.
PRIDE: Girlfriend? Married? Kids? What do you usually do?
Yamamoto: You ask the tough questions. These 2 or 3 days before the fight are the worst. If I said that I'm not scared, it would be a lie. But, you can't escape from that. So, that's why I just carry on with my daily life. If I try to change something, I might start getting nervous. Just eating, talking with my girlfriend, sleeping and just things that I do everyday.
PRIDE: Do you listen to any American music?
Yamamoto: I don't really listen to music.
PRIDE: Okay, American movies?
Yamamoto: Matrix, when they opened it across the world at the same time. Actually, I didn't see it but I wanted to go!
PRIDE: Is it harder to sleep when you get towards the fight, like the night before the fight? Or do you sleep like a baby?
Yamamoto: My baby cries so I can't sleep.
PRIDE: How old is your baby?
Yamamoto: Sorry, I was joking!
PRIDE: Plan for the fight?
Yamamoto: He's a top foreign fighter in PRIDE. He likes to come straight out. I really haven't thought about it. I'm training all the time.
PRIDE: Have you seen any videos of him?
Yamamoto: Not yet. I've been training hard and I'm completely fit. I will look at it tomorrow and make a final game plan. Anyway, it's not good to watch videos too much. You'll start excepting this to do one thing but they might do something else. It's probably better not to create that kind of expectation. Last time, when I fought Sapp, I saw his videotape and I thought his punch was very slow. After getting in the ring though, his punch was very fast.
PRIDE: Do you like Bob Sapp's commercials that are on TV? Would you rather watch Bob Sapp's fighters or his commercials?
Yamamoto: Commercials.
PRIDE: Are you married?
Yamamoto: Divorced twice.
Yamamoto: Nah, I'm just kidding.
PRIDE: It seems like you're willing to fight anyone.
Yamamoto: I prefer to fight strong guys.
PRIDE: You don't really see nervous now.
Yamamoto: I'm relaxed now.
PRIDE: Anybody that you will really like to fight now?
Yamamoto: Bas Rutten! (note: Bas is also asking interview questions)
PRIDE: Good answer. Do you have a prediction for the Grand Prix?
Yamamoto: The winner? I don't know. It's difficult.
PRIDE: If you weren't a fighter, would you watch MMA? Do you like to watch fight?
Yamamoto: I'd like to watch my fights!
PRIDE: You've got a quick wit. A bit of a smart ass!
Yamamoto: I used to be smart when I was a child.
PRIDE: What was the reason that you lost your smartness? Was it because of fighting?
Yamamoto: I've been hit in the head too much.