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Pride Fighting Championships: What have you been up to? How do you relax?
Kevin Randleman: The fans sent me a mix CD so I've been listening to that. It's got everything.
PRIDE: You said yesterday that you have a new appreciation or inspiration for fighting. When you come down the walkway and the crowds are screaming, what do you think is going to go through you? The feeling of appreciation of walking in front of 60,000 people.
Randleman: Well, I'm going to fuck Sakuraba up. I just want to hurt him. They know how I am. My closest friends know how I am. I really don't like to hurt people in a fight. If I know that I'm winning, I will back off. But, I don't back off in practice and they don't back off on me. We're ready. I don't care if the referee stops it, I'll get 2 more punches off. You better get on me, grab me and break my nose because I've trained very hard. Since the accident I've trained so hard and I've never been more focused.
PRIDE: How long ago was that accident?
Randleman: 2 1/2 months.
PRIDE: Everything healed up now?
Randleman: No....
PRIDE: I read somewhere that you had like 190 stitches.
Randleman: 180 and something.
PRIDE: It's okay for fighting now?
Randleman: The doctors couldn't believe it. When I was sitting on the table in the hospital, there were 12 doctors in there and they couldn't believe it. I had so many MRIs and everything done. They just couldn't believe that I survived. The Police Officer came in and he said there must be something wrong with me. I was just standing there, looking at the car, thinking, "I cannot believe what just happened." The Police Officer told me to show him my head and when I took my hand off, blood just started squirting out. There's nothing wrong with and getting smacked with the car was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.
PRIDE: Did you fall asleep at the wheel?
Randleman: I was doing a wrestling tour. I didn't know I had lost so much weight. There's ways to lose weight but I lost like 30 pounds in 4 days because it was so hectic that last 4 or 5 days of the tour. Traveling, the humidity in Japan because the summertime is so hot. I went home and I was just relaxed and at ease. I filled my belly up and it just happened. No after effects, nothing wrong with me.
PRIDE: Broken bones?
Randleman: Nope. Nothing. Not one thing was broken.
PRIDE: What's going to happen in the dressing room before the fight?
Randleman: It's like that's the problem that I have with myself. Before I was just full of rage. Now, there's no rage. Life is good. I've got great friends and my family loves me. Everything that I thought was wrong before was just a fabrication of my mind. I guarantee you when I hear that music and I'm on the platform, you'll see the same motherfucker. I'll be sitting there ready and when Sak comes into the ring, you know me, I'll play the mental game. When he comes in he's going to thing Goddamn, that's a big motherfucking brother. And there's nothing he can do to me. He can move to the left, move to the right but I'm going straight down the middle like a train. I'll shoot a double-leg, sixty-nine him and then it's going to be me dropping knees. The only way that he can win is if he knocks me out or....yeah, that's it.
PRIDE: Can you make a mistake going in and he gets the one that knocks you out?
Randleman: ...anything can happen but I've lost 2 fights to guys that I just wasn't prepared for. In my mind, I've always thought I was in shape but I was full of myself for years. I just didn't have my priorities right. My priorities are right now and fighting is natural for me. For me, fighting is the simples and easiest thing that I've ever done. Working out, training, wrestling, that's all natural for me. So, when somebody throws a punch at me, I know it's coming, I see it and I move in fast. I'm more agile than I ever was and I'm more focused. In order for him to beat me, he's got to beat me. I don't see anybody in my weight class beating me. To me, he stole my twinkies at lunch and I'm mad. I'm not going to hold back. There's so many times that I remember going out and just trying to do my best, like with Randy. I lost but I gave it my all and I was proud of myself. Then, I fought Chuck and made a stupid mistake. Fuck it. I didn't know how to box. Quinton, friggin' stupidity again then put on 31 pounds I less than 24 hours. No excuses. I got beat by guys that were better prepared than me. It wasn't my teammates fault. It was my fault.
PRIDE: The idea of training a certain way to face a certain fighter can be a deadly mistake. You've got to be you no matter what. Has that been part of the mistake before?
Randleman: You're absolute right. I would hug people too much. I would get in close and get complacent. In the ring I would think about crazy stuff. When I fought Otsuka, his daughter was sitting right in the front row, she said "C'mon Kevin" and I looked right at her...and then he hit me. I kept hearing her. But, you're right. Kevin Randleman is going to fight Kevin Randleman's fight. I watched Randy and his game plan. I'm a wrestler with great hands and great stamina. Nobody wants to fight me. I don't care who you talk to you. Everybody is scared of me. They know if they fight me you're going to have to pack a lunch because it's going to be a long day. You'd better hope for a knockout. If you don't, there's no way that anyone can beat me in a fight that goes the distance. I don't care who you are, if it goes the distance, I guarantee you, I win. This one is not going the distance and no fight I ever have again will go the distance. None. This is my rebirth. Mark it down today. I'm saying that Kevin Randleman was reborn when he walked out of that car. My mentality, my whole priorities are straight.