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Pride Fighting Championships: What do you do here in Japan to stay relaxed?
Dan Bobish: Watch movies in the room, just chill out.
PRIDE: Did you bring your own movies?
Bobish: Yeah, we brought a DVD player. We brought Sixty One, The Dream Catcher, and The Ring.
PRIDE: Is this the first time for a PRIDE size crowd?
Bobish: Yeah, yeah. Once you get out there in the lights, you can't see past the 20th row anyway. I love the crowds. For my first PPV prowrestling, I trained for 5 days with Frye and he said you'll be fine, just jump over the top rope. I get out there and there were like 20 thousand people. They said don't look past the 5th row or you'll freeze. I looked around but I loved it. I love the crowd but for this magnitude, we'll just have to see. I'm all psyched up for it. Hopefully I'll rise to the competition.
PRIDE: You have any kids?
Bobish: A daughter. She's 4.
PRIDE: Fighters all seem to have daughters.
Bobish: My daughter is cool. I gave her a t-shirt that says, "My daddy is tougher than your daddy."
PRIDE: By the time she's 20, women's fighting will have spread too.
Bobish: She's big. She's 4 years old and already 45". She's not fat. She's thick like me with big calves. She's gonna be big. I go to the gym with her twice a day. They have day care and she will sit there with Daddy lifting 5-pound dumbbells. She does shoulder presses. It's great. Sometimes I'll do a set on the bench press and she'll sit on my stomach yelling "go Daddy, go." Her name is Angelina Rose. She's named after her grandmothers. My daughter likes to watch my fights because I usually do well. But, I showed her the prowrestling matches and she flipped out. We're hitting each other over the head with chairs and tables. I looked over and she was crying. I turned the TV off real quick and she was like, "Daddy, why are they beating you up like that? Why didn't you win?" I'm like, honey, I'm so sorry but that's fake. Did you see that special Beyond The Matt, with Nick Foley? His kids were crying when the cage broke. That's what made him quit. All through the years he never though about that but his kids thought it was real. It's pretty wild. I never thought about it either. There was on match where Vader was just pounding me in a corner and she was just balling. I was like, I'm so sorry honey but Daddy actually won that match. I will never let her watch prowrestling with Daddy in it again.
PRIDE: So, you like prowrestling?
Bobish: I love prowrestling, dude. It's easy. But, there's nothing better than competition. I've been wrestling since 5th or 6th grade. I was 3-time NCAA champ. I love winning. There's nothing better than winning in the ring.
PRIDE: You're going to take him down right away?
Bobish: Yeah, I'm not a stand up, dance around kind of guy. Never been, never will. I've got to go right at him.
PRIDE: If the greatest high is to win, is it the biggest low to lose?
Bobish: It's failure. All the work you put in it. You might get caught with one fluke punch and it's all over. I still give myself credit, though. I got in there and did it. It's easy for all these guys to talk and talk. I've wanted to be in PRIDE since 97 or 98. I've always wanted to be here. I don't know why or how but they heard my name and I'm happy.
PRIDE: What's been the lowest point for you?
Bobish: When I was thrown out of the State Wrestling Championships. I was disqualified for suplexing a guy on his head. It was legal because he landed on his shoulders and his head but the referee thought he only landed on his head. It was my senior year. I probably would have won the State title. The kid got up but his coach came out and told him to lay down. He pretended he was injured and I lost the match. It was just something that happened when I was 18 years old and it sticks in my head all the time. I started fighting in 96 in Brazil. It was wild down there. Me and Randleman we bought some of the light weightlifting gloves at the airport and they let us where them in the ring. Gary went down to Brazil in 97 with me. I think he fought Braga. I fought Baretto and gassed. I hadn't trained 2 weeks but it was money.
PRIDE: How much time did you have to train for this?
Bobish: Just 5 weeks.
PRIDE: That's better than 2.
Bobish: I train 4-6 hours everyday. You might not believe me but I do cardio all the time. I'm genetically huge. A lot of hitting the pads and a lot of kicking. A ton of laying on my back with a guy going for submissions. If I get on the bottom, I'm getting out. I'm positive I can get out. On top, I'm pretty damn good. My submissions are average. The only thing I'm worried about is conditioning because I'm so big. When you've got this much muscle, I don't care if you run wind sprints everyday, you're going to get damn tired. Muscle weighs you down and takes more oxygen.