A press conference was held at Dream Stage Entertainment's Tokyo office to officially announce the participation of Takada Dojo's Kazushi Sakuraba in the December 31st PRIDE FC SHOCKWAVE 2003 show. Although his injuries are not completely healed and his opponent has yet to be decided, Sakuraba is ready to fight.

"I was thinking about just staying at home on New Year's Eve and watching Doraemon cartoons or maybe even appearing in a travel show. Then I came to my senses and decided that what I want to do is fight on the 31st. I've also decided to call myself the Vice-General Director. I hope you'll all enjoy the Sakuraba Theatre."

Hearing this, DSE President Nobuyuki Sakakibara commented, "I'm glad that he has decided to fight. We've been playing catch-up for a little while and I think this will help us strike back. There are still some things to be worked out but I want to make this the best New Year's Eve ever." Much to the surprise of the reporters gathered at the conference, Sakakibara continued, "The card has...not been finalized yet. However, time is running out so I hope to announce the entire card in the early part of next week."

Sakuraba was his usual self in regard to his upcoming opponent, "My injuries haven't fully healed so I would like to fight someone hurt." Sakakibara also addressed this issue, "We are going to choose an opponent while giving consideration to (Sakuraba's) condition." Although there were rumors of a fourth match with Wanderlei Silva, Sakakibara said that there was 0% of this happening. Silva has recently undergone elbow surgery and will not be prepared to fight any opponent for the December 31st show.

According to Sakuraba, he is now at 80% and working towards complete recovery, "I'll be fine by December 31st. No problem." There have also been rumors of a possible match up with Kiyoshi Tamura and Dos Caras Jr.. Either way, this will be a card worth looking forward too.