The 3 rd PRIDE CHALLENGE was held at Gold's Gym Tokyo Annex on May 9 th. This time there were 30 fights, a few less than last time, but the level of the event has definitely risen.

Pro-fighter Yutaro Miyamoto (Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Club) and CHALLENGE 2's MVP, Takehiro Nagata, gave a spectacular performance in the main event. The fight ended in a decision victory for Miyamoto but Nagata never relented throughout the entire fight and showed what the ??HALLENGE???spirit is all about.

Another highlight was the Mongolian fighter, Hosbayaru (free), who made an impressive debut in the first CHALLENGE. Throwing wild punches from a no-guard stance, he was able to gain a TKO victory from Alan Ballard (free). There's still a lot of room for improvement in his technique but the natural strength of this Mongolian Sumo fighter was clear.

The MPV for this event was Yukiharu Maejima (Kakutojuku). He said that his favorite fighter is Sakuraba and you could see the influence as he went for an arm-bar, even though the opponent had his back. He finally won his match by getting a chicken-wing arm-bar from side-mount.



Award Winners
MVP: Yukiharu Maejima (Kakutojuku)

H20 Award: Yukio Soma (Takada Dojo)

Media Factory Award: Noushu Ikegami (Cross Point Kichijoji)
Yuichiro Shirai (U-FILE CAMP.com)
Eiji Kani (BCG)
Takayoshi Kiyama (Takada Dojo)

DSE Award: Yutaro Miyamoto ( Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Club)
Takehiro Nagata (Cross Point Kichijoji)
Hosubayaru (free)
Matteus Elio Nettio (Purebred Omiya )
Kenta Matsuda (Ryu Dojo)