The 4 th PRIDE Challenge was held on the 7 th floor of the Omori Gold's Gym Tokyo Annex on July 11. Takehiro Nagata, Yutaro Miyamoto and Hosbayar, all winners in the 3 rd PRIDE Challenge, recently made there professional MMA debut in DEEP, garnering a lot of attention for this event.

Although the "pound" is illegal in the amateur PRIDE Challenge events, there were many standing KOs this time. The MVP for this event, Motoki Takahashi (Takada Dojo), came out with a fierce kickboxing style. His opponent, Noushu Ikegami (Crosspoint Kichijoji) is a boxer, which made for a striking battle. Takahashi came right down the middle, leading with front kicks and following with middle kicks. In the end, he overwhelmed Ikegami with punches.

The most shocking ending was a 4 second KO victory by Hideaki Kurozawa (Toyama Dojo). Kurozawa's backbone is karate and true-to-form, he fought in his karate uniform and dropped his opponent to the mat with a single right-straight punch as soon as the bell rang.

There were many fights, where the fighters elected for ??o punching to the head' rules, which also became very intense. Although these fights are intended to be the safest, the fighters in the 12 th match went head-to-head, trading body blows and low kicks, proving that even a fight without head strikes can be ferocious.

The age where strikers, like Mirko Cro Cop and Wanderlei Silva, can be active in the MMA world has arrived. That goes for amateur events, too. We look forward to seeing not only amateur fighters with MMA backgrounds or wrestling backgrounds, but also those that base themselves in striking martial arts, competing in future events.



Future Fight 1 st Match (2 rounds-5 minutes each)
Takehiro Nagata (Crosspoint Kichijoji) VS Yuya Shirai (Unplugged)
1R Referee Stop
Nagata was able to get the first takedown but Shirai stood up before he could get side position. Following that, Shirai took Nagata down, unleashed a flurry of punches from the guard and the referee stopped the match.

Future Fight 2 nd Match
Yutaro Miyamoto (Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Club) VS Kosuke Umeda (R-GYM)
2R Draw
Miyamoto was taken down and received punches from above but right before the end of the match, he was able to pull the opponent into his guard and get an arm lock. Unfortunately, time ran out and he wasn't able to submit his opponent.

1st Match (2 rounds-5 minutes each)
Hosbayar (Free) VS Takanori Oniki (Team ROKEN)
2R Decision 3-0
Although he was careful of Oniki's tricky fighting style, Hosbayar fought with the same spirit that he had in PRIDE Challenge. He went forward using his natural athletic ability, attacking Oniki with wild punches from a no-guard position. He became tired and slowed down considerably by the end of the fight but still pulled out a decisive victory in his professional debut.