Japan 's strongest lightweight is making his first appearance in Nagoya . Takanori Gomi, coming off 2 KO victories over Chute Boxe and Gracie fighters, will fight in the upcoming July 19 PRIDE BUSHIDO 4 in Nagoya.




P ride Fighting
Championships: Pride General Director, Nobuhiko Takada, and DSE President, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, have said that if they don't see any potential in this event, it may be the end for BUSHIDO. How do you feel about that?
Takanori Gomi: I won't be able to go on living. (laughing) I don't want them to get rid of this rare opportunity.
Pride: Well, you've produced nothing but good results. Do you feel that what they are talking about doesn't apply to you?
Gomi: Of course. If I thought otherwise, I wouldn't be so crazy after my fights. I want to be crazy in Nagoya , too. If there aren't several wins by KO or submission, the event itself will lose popularity. As an individual fighter, I want to stand out and fight. Of course, I fight harder because the other fighters do, too. If everyone wins by ippon and the event gains popularity, that's better for me, too.
Pride: You think the other fighters need to fight harder?
Gomi: I didn't say that. (laughing) I think they are fighting hard. However, BUSHIDO doesn't have title matches or ranking systems. In that sense, I think everyone needs to show their strengths more in their fights.
Pride: You've already had 2 KO victories in BUSHIDO. Have you thought about making some special requests if you win by KO or submission in this event, like being the main event on the next card or a special match in the regular PRIDE event?
Gomi: No... .Yes (laughing). It won't help anything to think about that so if that's the way it turns out, that'll be great.
Pride: Are confident in your ability to fight well in PRIDE?
Gomi: As someone that fights as a lightweight in BUSHIDO, I would like to fight in front of 40,000 people. Maybe I'll even get some of the Grand Prix fans to pay attention to BUSHIDO.
Pride: Dokonjonosuke Mishima has beaten your opponent in Nagoya , Fabio Mello, in DEEP before.
Gomi: Which means that I can't look past him. I can't be careless just because of that.
Pride: Ralph, your last opponent, has also fought Mishima before.
Gomi: Well, I don't know if he compares to Ralph or not but, I do want to carry that same nervous feeling, as when I fought Ralph, into this fight. If I'm careless I'm get hurt. I want to make him regret facing me.
Pride: Mello is on of the rare strikers in Top Team.
Gomi: When I saw him fight, he seemed like on of the lightweight Chute Boxe fighters. I beat Costa with ground and pound and Ralph will a knee, so I'd like to show everyone that I can trade strikes this time.
Pride: This will be your first fight in Nagoya .
Gomi: Yes. I want everyone to come out and watch someone that fights to end the fight. You won't regret buying the ticket. I want everyone to go home satisfied after watching the fights.