Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, following his KO victory over Shungo Oyama at PRIDE BUSHIDO 4, declared that he wants to face Fedor (Emelianenko) for the title next year, but wants to rematch (Kevin) Randleman first. What does Randleman think about Mirko's request?




Pride Fighting Championships: Mirko has said that he wants challenge for the PRIDE Heavyweight Championship title at the end of the year. Did you know that he also wants to have a rematch with you before that?
Kevin Randleman: That'll never happen. Quinton, Sakuraba, Couture... Why do I have to give Mirko a rematch when none of these guys that I fought will give me one?
Pride: So, you're not interested in fighting him?
Randleman: I've already beaten him and I don't want to go back to the past. And, what's in it for me if I fight Mirko again? I'll give him a rematch if he gets the title.
Pride: Mirko also said that he wants to fight your teacher, Mark Coleman. How do you think that fight would turn out?
Randleman: If Coleman and Mirko fight, Coleman would win, of course. Mirko wouldn't have a chance. I thought Mirko was a really tough guy before the fight but it turns out he's just talking like a bitch. I sent him to hell with 1 punch. He's got to climb out of there before he can start talking shit.
f he really wants to fight me, it's got to be under no-rules. I'd take the fight then. If it's everything allowed, from head butts to elbows, I'll do it.
Pride: Do you hate Mirko?
Randleman: I hate him. He doesn't have any respect for his opponent. Quinton, for example, he was concerned about me when he beat me and we became friends after the fight. Mirko's just keeps dragging his loss to me along. He's not a man.
Pride: You've fought both Mirko and Fedor. Did you feel any difference between the two?
Randleman: Fedor is a much better fighter. When we looked across the ring, Fedor looked in my eyes but Mirko wouldn't look directly at me in the rule meeting or in the ring. There was nothing but fear of me in his eyes during the fight. He must be scared of me.
Pride: You said that Fedor would probably be your toughest opponent before you fought him. Did the think so after you fought him??
Randleman: I think Fedor and Nogueira are the probably the toughest guys in the Heavyweight division.
Pride: You back dropped Fedor in your match. There have been a lot of throws in different MMA fights after that. Throws weren't really thought of as a useful technique before that in MMA. What do you think of the current situation?
Randleman: I'm glad if everyone copies me. The fights will be more interested and the fans will get excited. I'm a trendsetter (laughing). Throws are easy in practice but you have to think about a lot of things in a fight. If you're not always ready, it's tough to actually do it.
Pride: We're down to the final round of the PRIDE Grand Prix. What's your prediction?
Randleman: I don't know. I can't imagine. I lost to Fedor so, personally, I'd like to see Fedor win but Nogueira's strong on the ground. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm really looking forward to it. I think it'll be Nogueira and Fedor in the finals. Nogueira's about as strong as Fedor is.
Pride: What about Ogawa?
Randleman: Ogawa?! I forgot about him (laughing). I think he's a great fighter. He's as good as Fedor or Nogueira. His week point is his short career in PRIDE. Nogueira and Fedor have long careers in PRIDE and they probably have an advantage over Ogawa there. It wouldn't surprise me if Ogawa became the PRIDE Champion in the near future, though. He should train more and get more experience. I'm being truthful here. Ogawa is a better fighter than me.
Pride: And you're going to fight Ron Waterman on 8/15 in the reserve match.
Randleman: I'll fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. He's a great fighter and he's got incredible power. He's going to be a dangerous opponent. I'm ready, though. Nobody can stop me.
Pride: Maybe you will win this reserve match, someone will get hurt in the Grand Prix and then you can fight again.
Randleman: Hey, that'd be a great accident (laughing)! I'd fight right away if that happened. What kind of question is that, though? I'm Kevin Randleman! I'll fight any time! I'll take advantage of any chance! Well, that's just a joke. I hope no one gets injured on August 15th. It would be an honor for me if I could fight in the Grand Prix Final Round. I don't want to let down the PRIDE fans across the world. I hope all 4 guys are able to fight until the end.