After losing to Sugiura by strikes in the July 19th PRIDE BUSHIDO, Giant Silva brought a giant stick into the ring and seemingly went crazy, an unprecedented happening in PRIDE. It took many people to restrain him but luckily, no one was injured. We asked Silva why he did it.




Pride Fighting Championships: After losing to Sugiura, you tried to hit him with a big stick. Why?
Paulo Cesar "Giant" Silva: I trained really hard for that fight and I just lost it when it was over. The reason was that Sugiura's knees broke several of my bones. I just lost my control and went crazy. It'll probably take me a few months to get back to normal.
Pride: You're normally very quite and seem like a gentleman. Do you get angry like that a lot?
Silva: I never do that normally but when I was kneed in the face, I got really angry. The bone breaking was really painful. I think that's the angriest I've ever been. I've never gotten that angry, that quickly before.
Pride: That was the first time that you've been kneed in the face?
Silva: It was the first time in my life. I had blood in mouth and was swallowing it. I guess that's why I became so angry. I hope that it will be the first and the last time I ever experience it.
Pride: You fought Ogawa and Sugiura back-to-back. What was different about the 2?
Silva: They are both very strong fighters. I was beaten by both on the ground but I think Ogawa's got better technique. Other than the last knees, Sugiura didn't really surprise me.
Pride: How do you feel now that you've had 4 matches in PRIDE?
Silva: I had to train, improve my condition and do a lot of preparations for the fights so it has been a good experience. I've got to heal my face now though, so I'm thinking of going back to Brazil. I'd also like to get some jiu-jitsu training while I'm there. I've lost 3 out of 4 fights but I plan to continue fighting and never give up.
Pride: What do you need to do right now?
Silva: I have to concentrate on ground training. All of the fights that I lost were because they went to the ground. I want to come back to the PRIDE ring after I've brushed up my ground skills.
Pride: Would you like a rematch with Sugiura?
Silva: Yes. I want to fight him. If possible, I'd like to fight Ogawa and Herring, too.
Pride: I see. On a different note, who do you think will win the Final Round of the PRIDE Grand Prix 2004?
Silva: Those 4 guys are so strong. It's impossible to predict what will happen. Personally, and this may be different than what other people think, I think Ogawa has the greatest chance of winning.