Mark Coleman held a wrestling seminar at Takada Dojo, in Tokyo, Japan, on August 28. The seminar was sold-out despite heavy rain and the 80 participants were able to get first-hand experience with a world-class wrestler.

The menu for the day was basic wrestling: double leg takedowns, single leg takedowns and how to handle a standing opponent. Coleman's teaching method was hands-on, demonstrating techniques on Takada Dojo fighter, Daijiro Matsui.

Coleman was very precise in teaching techniques such as how to clutch your arms when doing a single leg takedown, how to move your hips when doing a takedown and elbow positioning. The majority of techniques he taught were beneficial to everyone, even the more experienced participants.

Coleman also showed his father-side when he wrestled with the children, telling them to "Hustle. Hustle." Toward the end of the seminar, he also showed techniques that are more MMA oriented and his ground-and-pound techniques.




There were no flashy techniques and Coleman made everyone repeat the same moves, over and over. All of the participants listened and trained earnestly. "It's important to always train the basics," Coleman explained. "You have to train harder that your opponent if you want to beat him.