The 5th PRIDE CHALLENGE was held on 9/5 at the Gold's Gym Tokyo Annex.

Since the 1st PRIDE CHALLENGE in January of this year, the number of regular participants has increased.

The MVP for this event was Noushu Ikegami (Crosspoint Kichijoji). Ikegami has fought in ever CHALLENGE event. In the 1st CHALLENGE, he won a special award and he won the MEDIA FACTORY award in the 3rd CHALLENGE, consistently maintaining a strong record. Although Ikegami lost to Motoki Takahashi (Takada Dojo), the MVP winner, by decision in the previous challenge, he won by a spectacular arm-bar submission this time. After his fight, Ikegami said that he will continue to compete in CHALLENGE and work towards becoming a professional fighter.

Following in the footsteps of Christiano Kaminishi (AXIS Jiujitsu Academy), another famous jiujitsu fighter participated in PRIDE CHALLENGE. Jon Batista Yoshimura (HARD COMBAT) won 2nd place in the adult purple belt absolute division at the 5th All-Japan Brazilian Jiujitsu Tournament. In PRIDE CHALLENGE 5, Yoshimura quickly took his opponent down with a double-leg tackle, passing his guard and submitting him with an arm-bar after moving from side-position to the mount. Yoshimura also did an imitation of Carlos Newton's kamehameha pose following his victory. He is definitely a fighter to pay attention to in the future.




There were also several instances of the referee stopping a fight when a fighter had been put in a submission. From the fighter's point of view, having your fight stopped even though you haven't tapped may be hard to accept. However, PRIDE CHALLENGE is an amateur event. The amateur level is where fighters must learn to escape before a submission is applied, not after.