A press conference was held on September 29 at the Tokyo Dream Stage Entertainment office to announce a match-up between Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and Josh Barnett at the 10/30 PRIDE 28 (Saitama Super Arena).




Mirko Filipovic VS Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett, former Ultimate Fighting Championship Heavyweight Champion (UFC), will finally make his debut in the PRIDE ring. He left the UFC in 2002 after declaring that he wants to fight the PRIDE Heavyweight Champion. 2 years later, Barnett will become one step closer to that goal when he steps onto the PRIDE battlefield.

Barnett is the current Open-Weight King Of Pancrase Champion, a regular wrestler in the New-Japan organization, is a regular spectator at fighting events and continuously keeps himself in shape. His current record is 15 wins and 1 loss, with the majority of wins coming from submission victories.

Standing in Barnett's way will be Mirko Filipovic. Filipovic has had his eye on the Heavyweight Championship for a long time. For both fighters, winning this fight will be necessary to challenge for the title, and fans can expect a colossal battle between these two giants.

Kazuhiro Nakamura VS Dan Henderson

Nakamura, also known as "Kaz", won a decision victory in his last PRIDE match against the veteran fighter and Brazilian Top Team leader, Murilo Bustamante. Kaz had his eye on the Middleweight Grand Prix scheduled for next year but someone has decided to stand in his way.

Dan Henderson stands among the elite fighters in PRIDE's Middleweight class. Henderson was schedule to be a competitor in last year's Middleweight Grand Prix but was unable due to injuries. Instead, he fought in the Reserve Match and scored a KO victory over Murilo Bustamante in less than a minute.

From both fighters' perspectives, winning this fight is necessary for them to advance into next year's Middleweight Grand Prix.

PRIDE Middleweight Championship match
Wanderlei Silva VS Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

In the last Middleweight Grand Prix, Jackson and Silva met up in the final round. Although Jackson powerfully led the first half, Silva came back in the end with a barrage of knees and sent Jackson to the mat. After the fight, Jackson said that he wanted to get stronger and fight Silva again. It looks like that day will come. Silva, on the other hand, is in a rage over the press saying that the last fight was close. This time, he declares, there will be no doubt over who the winner is.

It's not a game and it's not an act. These two actually hate each other and neither will back down. This will undoubtedly be the greatest fight in PRIDE history.

Also Scheduled to Fight

Mark Hunt, Dan Bobish, Heath Herring, Alexander Emelianenko, Hirotaka Yokoi, Hiromitsu Kanehara