I think the fighters that fought today understand the style of fighting that we are looking for. PRIDE fighters live for fighting. They need to fight. I think that was what motivated them to give us these great matches.

I'd like to set up a rematch between Josh and Mirko as soon as possible but that will depend on Josh's shoulder and the will of the two fighters. If they are in shape to do it, New Year's Eve would be fine.

DSE is proud to have Silva as our Champion and we want to show our respect for him. Those at the top often lose their motivation but, even now, he stoically continues to become stronger. Because Silva is that kind of guy, he doesn't want to have an easy match on New Year's Eve. He himself said that he wants "to fight a heavyweight," so it may be a heavyweight that he fights.

I would like to see UFC fighters participate in next year's Middleweight Grand Prix. Last year, Chuck Liddell participated. Next time, I hope that Randy Couture, Vitor Belfort and Tito Ortiz will participate. We plan on beginning negotiations with the UFC from tomorrow.

I believe that Gardner will train under Dan Henderson and be in shape by the day of the fight. I'm sure he has a lot of strength when grappling and there are many dangers for Yoshida if the fight goes to the ground.

I'm not really considering Ogawa for the New Year's Eve show, as he is quite busy with the HUSTLE promotion.

Nobuyuki Sakakibara
DSE President