Wanderlei Silva's match with Kazushi Sakuraba has been finalized for the 2004 PRIDE New Year's Eve show. Silva comments on his 4th match up against Sakuraba.

When I heard that the theme of the (New Year's Eve) event would be "destiny" during the press conference following my title match at the last event, I immediately thought of Sakuraba. I have grown up along with this great ring called PRIDE, and am carrying on what Sakuraba has built. We, at Chute Boxe, have great respect for both Mr. Takada and Sakuraba. I'm very happy that I can fight Sakuraba in this special event.

I have won our past 3 fights but I always feel that Sakuraba is dangerous. This time, I want to use all of the strength I posses to show the fans in the arena and the fans watching on TV a match greater than all before. I think Sakuraba will consider many things in order to beat me, and I will bring the pride I have from protecting the Championship to bear on Sakuraba and absolutely win as the Champion.