"My win last time was lucky? Whoever said that can eat shit!" Kevin Randleman arrived at Narita Airport on December 27th at approximately 5p.m. He's here to give a rematch to Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at the December 31st 2004 PRIDE SHOCKWAVE. As usual, Randleman doesn't fail to get himself, and everyone around, fired up!

Randleman became excited when the reporters told him that Mirko is looking to KO him with a left high-kick. "I'm not afraid! He's the one that's afraid. I'm a fighter so if he throws a left high-kick, he's going to pay for it." Randleman believes that if Filipovic really throws a high-kick, he'll be digging his own grave. Randleman then got excited, nearly foaming at the mouth. "My win last time was lucky? Whoever said that can eat shit! Mother fuckers!"

"This fight will end in 5 minutes. I'll beat him or he'll beat me," Randleman predicted, a little more calmly. "I don't know which but it'll be over in 5 minutes."

"If Mirko wants to knock me out, he'd better keep his guard up or he'll get hit the same way as last time. A lot of people said after my last fight with Mirko that it was lucky or just a lucky punch. Maybe it was lucky but luck doesn't come without work. I was well prepared that time and had trained hard. The KO was the result."

It's an old story. Luck doesn't simply happen in a fight between the world's best fighters. Behind that single punch, there was a lot of planning and hard training to make it go so fast. That's not luck, it's taking advantage of a chance when give it. "I've trained hard this time, too," Randleman continued. "I don't know if it's going to be Mirko asleep on the mat or me on New Year's Eve but I'm going to do my best because the reason I've grown this far is because the fans have expected it."




"My conditioning is really good. I've had great training. You'll see how good of shape I'm in when you see the fight. I didn't have any personal problems or training problems this time and I'm prepared." Last year, just before his fight with Sakuraba, Randleman was involved in a car accident and his father passed away just before he fought against Fedor. He's been plagued by bad luck but this time it looks as if he was able to concentrate on his training.

Randleman originally told us in a previous interview that he wouldn't give Filipovic a rematch. It was the fans that changed his mind. "I accepted the rematch with Mirko for the fans that cheer for me and to bring in my own New Year", Randleman explained. "I accepted the rematch because I'm a fighter. I fight hard because the fans are there for me. If the fans want to see it, I'll take any fight because I'm The Monster. Anytime. Anywhere. Any event. I fight without fear."

Although he was excited, Randleman hadn't completely lost his senses. Asked if he's done any special training, he replied, "I always talk too much. Everyone will know too much so I don't want make any detailed comment. I do have confidence in my striking and my ability to do takedowns. Until now, I haven't had enough techniques to follow the takedown so I've been training in ju-jitsu. This time I'm prepared for after the takedown. I think you're going to see a great fight."

Mark Coleman, Randleman's mentor, told us in a previous interview this summer that they were going to begin training in Brazilian ju-jitsu. If Randleman can add ju-jitsu techniques to his wrestling tackles, body control, power and speed, which Kazushi Sakuraba said was better than Mirko's, he will be close to a complete fighting monster.

"This fight, it's just a single chapter," Randleman predicted. "From here on, my fights are going to make history."