Dream Stage Entertainment President Nobuyuki Sakakibara traveled to Curitiba, Brazil in January to visit the Chute Boxe Academy. All of the Chute Boxe Members, including PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva and their leader, Fujimar, gathered to welcome "PRIDE's President."

President Sakakibara watched Chute Boxe training and the young fighters gave it their all as they tried to show off their skill. Following the training session, Wanderlei invited Sakakibara back to his home to take photographs in his large garden. Wanderlei also swore that he would give the best fights and win the upcoming PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix.

Wanderlei has his own "Wanderlei Model" motorcycle sold by HONDA in Brazil. In town, Wanderlei's picture was on the show room window of the local Honda dealership, once again showing that Silva's well known, even outside the MMA circuit.

Following his Chute Boxe visit, Sakakibara visited several other gyms in Brazil and came to America to watch a UFC event.